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Title: don’t pity me
Author: trillianastra
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Castiel, Belial, Sam, Dean. Referenced Belial/Lucifer.
Claim: Castiel
Theme: 11 – He Said, She Said -
Prompt(s): 5. She might be an everyday sort of brave, And possess no want or need to be saved, Examined, and pitied by the likes of me
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW, Angel Sanctuary to Kaori Yuki, no infringement of copyright intended.
Summary: Lucifer is free on Earth, and Belial goes looking for him. Castiel has some issues with that.
Warnings/Author Notes: takes place somewhere in early/middle season 5 of SPN.

don't pity me )
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Title: Agapeton
Author: trillianastra
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Castiel, Belial, mention of Sam and Dean. Referenced Belial/Lucifer, hinted Castiel/Belial
Claim: Castiel
Theme: 11 – He Said, She Said -
Prompt(s): 13. The stain of love is upon the world
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW, Angel Sanctuary to Kaori Yuki, no infringement of copyright intended.
Summary: Castiel reflects on what he has learnt since coming to Earth.
Warnings/Author Notes: Angel Sanctuary crossover, because things get that much more interesting when you combine these two worlds. And, my first [ profile] spn_30snapshots fic!

Also, agapeton means "beloved" or "well-loved" in Greek.

Agapeton )
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My table for [ profile] spn_30snapshots. My claim is Castiel... chances are, some of these are going to be Angel Sanctuary crossovers....

cut to save the f-list )
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Now, as awesome as Misha Collins is.... angels (over in Supernatural-land) don't actually look like people, and Castiel doesn't actually look like an accountant.

Which is why there's.... this:

a community for the appreciation of the many different "true forms"
of multi-dimensional wavelengths of celestial or demonic intent

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Title: I live in this country now
Fandoms: Supernatural/The Stand
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Nick Andros, Tom Cullen
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers: none for Supernatural. Nothing major for The Stand.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is Kripke's, The Stand is King's, I'm just playing with their toys.
Prompt: "SPN/The Stand, Sam/Nick, Tom sees the demon taint in Sam, Nick sees how he tries to overcome it." (at comment_fic)
Summary: Nick and Tom find Sam Winchester unconscious in a deserted town - and he doesn't know how he got there.
A/N: Another comment_fic fill that ran away with me... ah well. I actually rather like this pairing, considering that it hadn't even occurred to me before today. Also, mute characters are hard to write.


Tom looked down at the young man, a frown on his childlike face. That was worrying. )
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...Supernatural really has taken over my life.

I know this, because the first thought I had this morning was, and I'm totally serious, that today is Sam's birthday.

(He's 27.)


Also: #1 - there are only two eps of S5 left. AHHHHHHHH.
#2 - I have a very... complex, psychological, Supernatural-horror-story brewing. The gist of it is that the world in canon - monsters, demons, Apocalypse, hunters etc - is an amazingly intricate fantasy world inhabited by the Winchesters, and in reality they're known for... well, murder, kidnapping, assault, lots of graverobbing and other crimes. Oh, and the main characters in this fic are human!Ruby the FBI agent and human!Cas the maverick psychiatrist. So... yeah...
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Title: Devil’s Spoke
Fandoms: Supernatural/BSG fusion
Characters: Kara Thrace, Sam Anders, Leoben, Dean Winchester, Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: an ex-navy pilot, a former football star, and a somewhat crazy holy man hunt things that go bump in the night
Summary: Leoben received a Revelation that sends him, Kara and Anders to find Dean’s grave. Starts pre-“Lazarus Rising”, goes AU from there.
A/N: Look, it just…. Oh, never mind. Title is a Laura Marling song, if you’re interested.

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1. On a whim, watched the first two episodes of BtVS again tonight. I would say that it reminded me how much I love that show... except that I never forgot... anyway, it was fun.

2. Also, started plotting a BtVS/Supernatural fusion fic that involves the Winchesters at Sunnydale High after I realised that in 1997 (BtVS S1), Dean was 18...

3. I have a new favourite show. (Yes, again...)

Right now, it's Sons of Anarchy, which has bikers and Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman (otherwise known as FREAKING HELLBOY), and is all kinds of awesome.

Also it has a character called Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam). I... might be in love. He's just sort of... beautiful... IDEK, folks. He's just... *sigh*

4. Sons of Anarchy also has some really great music. Really great music.

5. As a direct result of finding SoA, I have concluded that Eliot Spencer/Dean Winchester/Jax Teller would be the most awesome crossover threesome or OT3 or whatever IN HISTORY.

(....fic is being considered...)

6. Caprica is awesome. In general.
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I did not go into this movie with high expectations.

In fact, I went for these reasons:

a) Opportunity to look at the admittedly very attractive Paul Bettany. A LOT.
b) Massive potential for Supernatural crossovers/fusions.

Spoilers" )

Movie rating: Two and a half machine-gun-wielding angels out of five. Good idea, poor-to-occasionally-decent execution, great fic ideas.

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Yeah, it's been a while (OK, a whole week) since I posted. Or did anything online at all. This is not, as my last entry might suggest, because I was in catatonic shock over the last Dollhouse episode. Much less exciting.

Actually, I went to work last Monday, dealt with ASTONISHING numbers of new registrations (...I think I hit a personal best... don't ask...), and picked up a gastritis bug that's been making the rounds. Cue, two days of not being able to keep anything down (that was FUN), a trip to the doctor for some meds, and a few more days of feeling like crap. But hey, at least I wasn't chucking up at the mere mention of food any more. And I've probably lost a couple of pounds as well.

Now that all that... unpleasantness... is done, and with today being Cold and Grey and MISERABLE, I've been catching up on my TV. This means (this week anyway) Lost, Leverage and Supernatural (also I'm doing a minimarathon of Criminal Minds, seeing as I have about three weeks' worth of eps to watch).

Spoilers ahead, folks. Also, here be CAPSLOCK in abundance....

Lost 6-01/02 - 'LA X' )

Supernatural 5-13 'The Song Remains the Same' )

Leverage 2-13 'The Future Job' )

And finally, some awesomeness:

Green Day and the cast of the American Idiot musical at the Grammys. I need to see that. SO MUCH. Hmmm. Need to find out when it opens, beg/buy/steal ticket, get to New York. (The bummer is that I won't even have my usual consolation prize of buying the OST and filling in the rest for myself - because the music, I guess, will come mostly from the American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums, Which I've already got. DAMMIT.)
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OK, just saw this film, after... mixed reviews. Personally, I... well, I guess I liked it, even though it scared the living crap out of me, and generally, Japanese horror films are the only thing that does that. I was watching with two different mindsets, sort of, and came up with two quite different reactions.

trillianastra: (dean) I've been catching up on Supernatural. I'm about halfway through 5x10 at the moment, and the ep started with the boys trying to retreive the Colt from a demon.

A demon named CROWLEY.

Seriously, I'm still wondering what the hell happened to Aziraphale. Really, I am.

And also, incidentally, said demon is played by Mark Sheppard, who just keeps showing up in stuff that I watch. (So far, Firefly, BSG, Leverage, Dollhouse, NCIS, Supernatural, and - randomly, the one episode of Medium that I've watched in my entire life just had to have him in it. It's like one of us is stalking the other or something.)

(regarding 5x10 and the whole Raising Death thing: Death had BETTER, had BETTER show up looking like a perky Goth chick. Otherwise I am hunting down the writers and letting them know how unhappy I am.)

PS. I probably should have noticed earlier, but on the credits two of the crew/producer/writer types are Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund. Hm. Not obvious where they got that name AT ALL.
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Not a whole lot to say about this one...

1. OK, so Dean knows lots about James Dean. This does not surprise me in the slightest. Neither does Sam knowing about Gandhi.

2. HOLY SHIT, DEAN JUST GOT BEAT UP BY PARIS HILTON. Well, OK, not actually Paris Hilton. But still. Also, loving the critique of celebrity-obsessed modern culture there. Having it actually said by Paris Hilton was especiallly ironic.

3. Right. Dean's "watching Sam like a hawk so he doesn't slip up" plan, not working so well. The uber-protectiveness, also not working so well. It'll be interesting to see how the new system works out. (Though I have misgivings about it right now - maybe it'll, sort of, be a contributing factor to... that thing that Sam's going to do in the near future, if "The End" is anything to go by...)

4. I am, though, seriously happy about the new dump-the-angst-and-kick-some-ass policy.

5. Wax museums are creepy. End of.

6. Randomly fannish things - the motel was the 'Nite Owl', so YAY Watchmen, and also, the fact that the town was called Canton did make me want to start singing 'The Hero of Canton' a few times. Er.

7. It felt WEIRD there not being any apocalyptic-y stuff this week. WEIRD.
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...the episode in which I think these guys just broke my heart a little.

Spoilers )


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