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...Supernatural really has taken over my life.

I know this, because the first thought I had this morning was, and I'm totally serious, that today is Sam's birthday.

(He's 27.)


Also: #1 - there are only two eps of S5 left. AHHHHHHHH.
#2 - I have a very... complex, psychological, Supernatural-horror-story brewing. The gist of it is that the world in canon - monsters, demons, Apocalypse, hunters etc - is an amazingly intricate fantasy world inhabited by the Winchesters, and in reality they're known for... well, murder, kidnapping, assault, lots of graverobbing and other crimes. Oh, and the main characters in this fic are human!Ruby the FBI agent and human!Cas the maverick psychiatrist. So... yeah...
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See, I've been watching this new show White Collar. It's good. (Not quite hitting Leverage standards, but perfectly acceptable)

I'm also reading my local library's copy of the original text of On the Road.

These are not two things that would ordinarily connect themselves. But then something clicked in my head and I realised that the name 'Neal Caffrey' (main character of White Collar) is vaguely similar to 'Neal Cassady' (vitally important to On the Road, what with the fact that he basically was Dean Moriarty).

I have no idea if this has any significance to anything, or what that significance might be. But sometimes, I really, really hate the fact that I have a very good memory for useless information, and the fact that I make these insanely random connections on a fairly frequent basis.

(One time, I think it must have been after browsing TVTropes, I came to the realisation that Schindler's List is effectively Voldemort vs. Qui-Gon Jinn.... actually, stuff like that happens a lot... damn you, Actor Rule and TVTropes in general!)
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...would be a Doctor Who fanfic that, in some currently-undefined way, involved the characters of the commedia dell'arte, which I've been reading about on Wiki.

I think the fact that two of the traditional commedia characters are "Il Dottore" (the Doctor) and "Il Capitano" (the Captain) might have something to do with it.

(Il Dottore makes me think William Hartnell, and Il Capitano... yeah, very much making me think Jack at this point.)

Unfortunately, this all hits a slight snag when we get to the realisation that I have absolutely no idea what the *plot* would be. And without a plot I'm a bit screwed, really., if anyone's got any ideas on the subject, I'd be really interested to hear them.

{As an unrelated note... I almost literally can't stop listening to the "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" album. It's awesome. And yes, when the book is out I am TOTALLY getting it.)
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Okay, so my manager at work has an orchid on her desk, and at the moment it's looking a bit pathetic... this morning I was getting on with some work when I overheard my manager and somebody else talking about it, and one of them said it was in a regeneration cycle.

My first thought was "Ah, yes, must be regeneration sickness."


Now back to Three and Delgado!Master and the Sea Devils...

PS. YAY I've now seen all five Masters to date - Delgado, Ainley, Roberts, Jacobi, Simm. WOO. Also, it is quite scary how much Delgado!Master and Ainley!Master look alike.
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Feeling kind of strange today. Maybe because the clocks have gone back, so it's now actually *dark* at 6 in the evening (come back, British Summer Time! Please come back!). I don't know.

Whatever's caused it, my world's become this... mix of Supernatural and BSG and Doctor Who... it's like I spend my free time in the company of either Sam'n'Dean or one of the Doctor's incarnations (current obsession: Four), or the myriad cast of BSG...

and in between that, I have my two Rewrite projects to get on with... and NaNoWriMo starting next week...

I don't know. My head's in a weird place today. Probably I'll start the New Job tomorrow and everything will look better. For tonight I shall continue being weird and drinking too much coffee.
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Well. I said I was going to try and rewrite Twilight, with the aim of making it... well, into something resembling a decent piece of writing.

Tonight's news is: Chapter One... is now done. I think it's a pretty good opener, but then I would think that, wouldn't I?

Anyway. Chapter One is under the cut, check it out if you want. Concrit is appreciated.

Project: Rewrite Twilight - Chapter One )


So.... thoughts? Concrit?
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It is possible that I am, in fact, insane.

But having read (some of) Stephenie Meyer's books and thought to myself "I could totally do better than this", I've decided to try.

This decision has manifested as an attempt to rewrite Twilight. If it is successful I may move on to the other three at a later date.

Unfortunately, Project: Rewrite is going to involve de-Sue-ifying Bella Swan, and some drastic changes to plot and character interrelationships.

I can tell you one thing now, however: Project: Rewrite will contain absolutely NO SPARKLING VAMPIRES at any point. Vampires, yes. Sparkling, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

When I have a first chapter, I'll post it here for concrit/reading.

(On a completely unrelated note:

Last night I had a very surreal dream that involved Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Stephen Fry and Adam Monroe from Heroes discussing molecular cell biology. I have no idea what that means, but it does lend support to the "I'm insane" theory.)
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