Lost 6x10

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:02 pm
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I'm confused.

Spoilers. Confusing spoilers. )
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1. a)...though, to be honest, I think I see why it's taken this long for us to get a Richard flashback. It was... revelatory, I guess.

2. I really like the title of the ep. It means "from eternity", btw.

Spoilers from here on...

It's good to see you out of those chains... )


OK... now that's done, I can go back to nice, relatively uncomplicated and *totally awesome* Deadwood until next week. *sigh*
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OK. The good thing about this ep?

It's a Sayid episode. And, well, he *is* one of my favourites. So yeah.

Unfortunately... er, I have just one question after watching this episode. That question is:


Spoilers )


Feb. 25th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Okay, so over the last few days I've been on an epic mission to catch up on the last season-and-a-half of Bones.

Episode 4x25 was... weird, partly because of The Baby Issue and partly because Booth was hallucinating Stewie Griffin because of a brain tumor. At the END of that episode, he was being wheeled into surgery to remove the tumor.

Episode 4x26 was... well. It was... kind of AU. Seriously AU. The set-up involved Brennan and Booth being married (!!!) and running a nightclub called "The Lab" together. And pretty much every major character over the entire series showed up in some capacity... Angela as the hostess, Sweets as the bartender, Zach (!) as Brennan's assistant, Daisy as the coatcheck girl... and my four favourite grad students (Vincent, Wendell, Arastoo, Fisher) as the DJ, security, persian-guy-trying-to-buy-the-club and chef respectively. Also, Cam and Jared (Booth's brother) as FBI partners and Hodgins as a bestselling writer of pulp crime novels.

Anyway, a guy was found dead in the club toilets. And pretty much everyone was a suspect.

...and no, I'm not telling you whodunnit, because it's better if you watch the ep for yourself.

It ended, BTW, with Booth waking up in hospital post-surgery, and finding out that he'd been in a coma for four days. And doesn't know who Brennan is. (Thanks, writers. Thanks so much for that. *glare*)

Now. Onwards, to the thirteen episodes of season five that I haven't seen yet! (I have seen 5x14, for reasons that involve Supernatural. And an angel called Castiel.)

PS. OMG, Brendan Fehr (who plays Jared) is HOT. I vaguely remember him from Roswell, many years ago...
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In my local bookstore recently, I found that someone's done a reprint of Wuthering Heights. Now, ordinarily, that'd be a good thing, it's a good book and more people should read it.

Unfortunately, when I looked a little closer, I realised that a) the book was in the same section of the store as Twilight, b) it had a suspiciously Twilight-like cover design and c) there was a little rosette thing saying "Bella and Edward's favourite book" on the front.

When I done WTFing, I also found that the blurb described it as "the greatest love story ever told". This is frankly very worrying, because Wuthering Heights ISN'T really a love story - Heathcliff and Cathy's relationship is about as messed up as a relationship can get, and Heathcliff himself is not some romantic fairytale prince who's going to ride in on a white horse and rescue [Cathy/the reader]. He's a dangerous, moody, obsessive bastard, really. But then... I guess the Twilight fans are used to that, aren't they?

It seems that some moneyhungry twat publishing-industry person thinks that it's a GOOD idea to sell Wuthering Heights to the legions of Twilight fans out there. Which makes me very concerned that a whole generation of young girls are going to grow up with a very twisted idea of what an adult relationship should be.

Also, as with many things Twilight, it does make me want to stab things. Hence I shall try to forget all about it and go watch The Truth About Demons on Youtube.
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So... just watched the first part of the S5 finale.

Right now I have two things to say:


2. Er. Jacob is kinda... hot. Um. And I have some fledgling theories about him now. Which will require some more thought (more post-age on that later).

(Oh, incidentally... I think the Four Toed Statue (TM) is Set. Possibly. More on him at Wikipedia)
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Ok, so at the moment I'm taking a course in Film & TV History with the OU, right?

And right now, I'm doing a unit on Hollywood, different genres, stuff like that.

One of my case studies for this unit is Jaws, and the textbook has the following quote about Steven Spielberg:

"Spielberg was an introverted and anxious youth who sought solace in movies, television and science fiction."

The problem I have is this: that sentence basically describes me. As I have been for around the last six years. And rational!brain is saying it's a coincidence... but irrational!brain is still a teeny bit freaked out.

The fact that I'm still in shock after finished Turn Coat is... really not helping.
(And I mean the "in shock" thing. I was in tears when I finished it this morning.)
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Just watched this episode, and I have a few thoughts...

Cut because... duh, spoilers )

Oh, and I have the urge to write fic about the 316ers. Ah well.
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So... Lost Season Five.

Spoilerific reactions to episodes 1 and 2 under the cut...

Reactions )
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Big-time spoiler for the BSG S3 ep "Maelstrom" here...

Don't click if ya don't want to be spoiled... )
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After the bleak period last week when there was no Heroes, it's back, with episode Eight, titled "Villains". (What's that? Something about an election last week? Meh... politics...)

Arthur Petrelli says there are Spoilers here. You should listen to him, he's scary. )

I'm now going to go... hyperventilate for a bit, then watch some nice, calming, unstressful, Petrelli-free True Blood.
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It's that time again.... once more, we descend into the Heroes-verse for our weekly dose of "WTF is going on here?".

Before we get down to the details, I would first like to take a moment to express the sheer awesomeness of Sandra Bennet. Remember back when she was just Claire's mom who was never really involved and talked about Mr Muggles a lot? Little did we know that under that quiet, unassuming exterior was hidden a character of such coolness.

Big-time spoilers for 'Dying of the Light' this-a-way )

To Sum Up:

In between the EEEP and the WTF and the WOOO HIRO/DAPHNE/MATT/CLAIRE, this episode is really very dark, and scary, and probably the most depressing of the season so far. Unfortunately, it looks like things are only going to get worse. Still... you know what they say, things always get worse before they get better.

I just hope the "better" part comes along soon.


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