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In honour of the fact that Leverage has recently finished its third season, I thought I'd do the thing I've been meaning to do for a while now, and actually do a meta-post on the series.

(I know I do my reaction posts for each episode, but those tend to consist of SQUEE and fangirly flailing. This is going to be at least halfway serious.)

Also, this is going to be heavily spoilerific for... everything, really. Just a heads up.

On with the show...


Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind )


All I know is, I adore this show, and I am profoundly, profoundly grateful to the cast, crew, writers and producers who have worked so hard to give us three fantastic seasons.

May there be many more to come.
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Yeah, it's been a while (OK, a whole week) since I posted. Or did anything online at all. This is not, as my last entry might suggest, because I was in catatonic shock over the last Dollhouse episode. Much less exciting.

Actually, I went to work last Monday, dealt with ASTONISHING numbers of new registrations (...I think I hit a personal best... don't ask...), and picked up a gastritis bug that's been making the rounds. Cue, two days of not being able to keep anything down (that was FUN), a trip to the doctor for some meds, and a few more days of feeling like crap. But hey, at least I wasn't chucking up at the mere mention of food any more. And I've probably lost a couple of pounds as well.

Now that all that... unpleasantness... is done, and with today being Cold and Grey and MISERABLE, I've been catching up on my TV. This means (this week anyway) Lost, Leverage and Supernatural (also I'm doing a minimarathon of Criminal Minds, seeing as I have about three weeks' worth of eps to watch).

Spoilers ahead, folks. Also, here be CAPSLOCK in abundance....

Lost 6-01/02 - 'LA X' )

Supernatural 5-13 'The Song Remains the Same' )

Leverage 2-13 'The Future Job' )

And finally, some awesomeness:

Green Day and the cast of the American Idiot musical at the Grammys. I need to see that. SO MUCH. Hmmm. Need to find out when it opens, beg/buy/steal ticket, get to New York. (The bummer is that I won't even have my usual consolation prize of buying the OST and filling in the rest for myself - because the music, I guess, will come mostly from the American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums, Which I've already got. DAMMIT.)
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So, in this episode, no-one does what they normally do. Sophie's trying to be Nate, Parker's being Sophie, Nate and Hardison are undercover and Eliot's doing the computer stuff (with added snark of course).

Spoilers )

In a related note, BBC News just mentioned a lawsuit in the US where Abercrombie & Fitch were cleared of discriminating against a disabled employee. I swear, my first thought was "Ah, just get Nate and the team on it, they'll sort 'em out." Just further proof that TV really has taken over my life.
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Soooo... a while back someone mentioned the idea of writing a series of 'fractured fairytale' fanfics. It's an awesome idea, but I forgot it after a while.

At least until a related idea showed up...

it'd be essentially very similar, only this would be taking either the plot in general, or just a particular scene, from a musical and... adjusting it with characters from one of my many, many fandoms.

So far, I've got:

The song "I Know Him So Well" (Chess), with DW/Torchwood. (I can't decide if the song is Jack/Doctor or Jack/Ianto. It might even be both....)

A very specific scene from Les Miserables, with Leverage. My brain has apparently cast Parker as Cosette. So... yeah.

The third idea (so far...) is probably my favourite: The Phantom of the (Genetic) Opera. Basically, Phantom of the Opera, with Repo! characters.

(Pavi is the Phantom, Shilo is Christine, Graverobber is Raoul.)

Now, I just have to find the time to actually *write* these. Heh.
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So. Well, there was one very particular moment this week that gave me this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

But then it was banished by some good old-fashioned Leverage awesomeness and we got to end on a high note. Well, maybe a medium note, I don't know...

vague spoilery things )
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Title: Stop Staring At Me!
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: the team, mostly Parker. Also some unnamed OCs.
Rating: G
Warnings: None. Unless you think I should warn for crazy fan behaviour.
Summary: Parker finds out that she bears a striking resemblance to a quite famous young singer, and has to deal with said singer's crazy teenage fans.
Disclaimer: Leverage belongs to its creators. Taylor Swift belongs to herself. The crazy fans are mine, though.
A/N: Just in case you want to know... I saw a picture of Taylor Swift and thought "Hey, she looks kind of like Beth Riesgraf". Hence this fic.

Eliot, the first to get there, looked from the teenagers, to Parker, and back again, before looking to Sophie. )


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