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uh.... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, people.

So, uh... Dean can't trust Sam anymore, Bobby might never walk again, the Apocalypse just started and oh, guess what, Meg's back.

(Not hugely happy about that - mostly for the Bobby-getting-possessed part, but mostly because I really just don't like Meg, at all, and frankly... she hasn't done anything to change my mind yet.)

Oh, and the angels "lost" (...I have my doubts about that) Michael's Sword, which is apparently a euphemism for Michael's Vessel.

Which is, if Zachariah can be trusted (... like I said, doubts), Dean. So obviously the angels want Dean to consent to Michael occupying him, only Dean refuses. Zachariah tries to persuade him - with methods that are pretty much torture. Like magically giving him stage 4 stomach cancer.

(I had Hellblazer flashbacks for a moment there....)

ANYWAY, none of that matters, because Castiel showed up, seriously kicked some angel butt, and made Zach reverse it all, right before he carved some Encchian symbols into Sam and Dean's ribs, so that no angel, Lucifer included, will be able to find them. Pretty good for a guy that Chuck said was DEAD.

Speaking of Chuck...

OH DEAR GOD, THEY ACTUALLY DID IT. Ever since they introduced the whole Carver Edlund thing, with Sam and Dean's *fictional* crazy fans, I've been wondering what would happen were any of said fans to show up in the show.

And one of them DID. Believe it or not, her first scene, SHE WAS WRITING WINCEST FANFIC. Then she got distracted by Chuck calling her via internet videophone thingy, telling her it was all real, and sending her to Sam and Dean with a cryptic message.

She's a Sam girl, BTW. Very, very definitely a Sam girl. Dean was, and I quote "not what she pictured". I shudder to think what she thought he would look like... (and oh, Lucifer, I hope they never find out about the fanfic)

One last thing I need to mention. Everyone, this is Nick. He seems like a pretty ordinary guy, except for the fact that his family was brutally murdered recently.

Now, Nick's been having some weird experiences. Like, I don't know, seeing himself covered in blood when there's nothing there, seeing his dead child's crib full of imaginary blood, seeing his dead wife...

but that all pales in comparison with what happened when the aforementioned dead wife shows up and tells him that actually, she's not his wife, she's Lucifer. Basically, all the weird traumatic shit was Lucifer, um, stalking poor Nick, who's his Vessel.

Once he knows that, Lucifer then convinces Nick to let him into his body. Nick is... sceptical, and takes a while to start believing it all... but he does eventually agree.

The issue I have - and this isn't a complaint, really - is that DeadWife!Lucifer's rationale - that he wants to go after God and hold him to account for basically ignoring the hell out of His own creation. This is somewhat familiar to me ... because it's ALSO Jesse Custer's motive in the Preacher graphic novels. This may turn out to be a good thing...


1) I love the fact that the Vessel's name is Nick. Because... 'Old Nick'? One of the many names the Devil has gone by?

2) Yeah, STILL loving the title. Sympathy for the Devil indeed.

3) With the exception of Cas, Anna, and possibly Lucifer, angels are twats.

4) Heaven vs. Hell vs. Winchesters? HELL YES. Front-row tickets, please.


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