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OK, so, I have a couple of questions.

1. Did every male in Louisiana suddenly become allergic to clothes?

and 2. What the hell kind of crack are the writers smoking?

spoilers )
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So, I was in HMV (dvd/music/games store) today after work. They have a few t-shirts and hoodies on sale, usually bands and stuff.

As I just found out, they seem to have some new TV-show-oriented shirts.


Yes, this means I now possess a Merlotte's-waitress-shirt of my very own.

....right now, though, I have Lost to watch. BRB, obsessing.
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Well. New Moon is, surprisingly, actually kind of a good movie.

I know. Surprising, huh?

Admittedly, the reasons I enjoyed it were, in no particular order:

- the sheer cheesiness that descended any time anything resembling a Cullen was onscreen
- the Quileutes. Specifically, the really buff werewolf Quileutes.
- Charlie Swan, who actually is just awesome.
- Edward's planned Suicide By Public Sparkling.
- the Volturi being... well, mostly just plain freaky.

Other things I should mention:

- the Ghost!Edwards that Bella kept seeing whenever she did anything reckless. I mean, SERIOUSLY?
- Alice. We-ell... the Ferrari was cool.
- Jasper looked considerably less constipated than in the last movie. And for a moment, I think he actually SMILED.
- ...okay, so maybe I saw a teeny, teeny bit of Bella/Carlisle there. Just a teeny bit...
- I had a "wait, is that..." moment with the Volturi. 'Cause, you know Marcus? Yeah, that's the guy who was Alistair v2.0 on Supernatural. And TWO characters on Sanctuary.
- I mentioned the totally hot werewolf guys already, right?

That's... about it, really. Oh, except for the OMGCLIFFHANGER ending, which was (IMO) the crappiest and least romantic proposal of marriage ever. He could at LEAST have gone down on one knee. It was, however, mildly hilarious that the kids at the front of the cinema where I saw the movie went AWWWWWW when the film just cut to black and then, oops, CREDITS. Still, I imagine they won't have to wait too long. Eclipse will probably be out... next year sometime, going by the current schedule.

(Oh, and while I was walking home from the cinema, I was working out how to write a Twilight/True Blood fusion fic without handwaving the obvious differences between the realTB vamps and the Cullens. I think I figured out something, too...)
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Psst, spoilers...

Jason Stackhouse, Nailgun Ninja, invites you in... )

Also, I loooove the song that played over the credits. Anyone know who sings it/where I can find it?


The song is "New World in my View" by some guy called King Britt. Also, apparently it's on the Miami Vice soundtrack. I wouldn't know about that....
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I've been thinking about the credits for True Blood, and the more I think about it the more I realise that the credits sequence is, pretty much literally, perfect for the show.

Basically, we've got four main elements -
1. The song. Now, IDK about you guys, but I am firmly of the opinion that they couldn't have picked a better theme if they'd had one written especially. (Me? Jace Everett fangirl? Well, since you mention it...)

and then there's the visual component:
2) The dancing and the half-naked people - representing sex.
3) the alligator, snake, venus fly-trap, decaying animals - death, obviously.
4) the religious people/ceremonies/stuff - well, religion is a big part of the show.

All in all... the song, combined with the images, just makes this awesome, bloody, picture of what vampires are - sex and seduction and blood and death, all bundled into one. No wonder they're so popular.

And now, on to the episode...


Next episode please?
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Y'know, I know it's fictional and all, but this show really does provide interesting insights into the minds of fundie christian crazy types.

Spoilers herein )
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I jusst have one general, non-spoilery thing to say.

I FRAKKING LOVE THIS SHOW. Where else would you find this mix of sex and violence and blood and pure, utter, side-splittingly hilarious crack?


Spoilers behind here )
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DUUUUDE, this show is awesome.

Really, really awesome

Minor spoiler for 1x10 )

And the vampires (generally speaking) are pretty awesome. The main Vamp character, Bill... well, he's got the brooding and the husky voice just right. He's just *all right* though... my personal favourite is his "boss", Eric. Who is both Pretty and Awesome (Heh. Couldn't resist, and it's true, anyway).

The show's got its nonvampires too... Sookie, obviously, who's a telepath. There's also a fake exorcist, and of course there's Sam....

Sam's great, too. He's... nah, it's better if you work it out for yourself. I do feel sorry for him, though, he had kind of a sucky childhood.

EDIT: Almost forgot Lafayette, who needs to be seen to be believed. Really. I could tell you, but you wouldn't believe me.

So ya. True Blood. It's awesome, and more people should watch it.

True Blood

Oct. 13th, 2008 08:18 pm
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Ok... not very long ago, I found this new HBO show called True Blood, produced by Alan Ball (who did "Six Feet Under") and based off a series of books by Charlaine Harris about a telepathic waitress called Sookie Stackhouse. (Oh, and vampires.) <---URL for the Wiki page if anyone's interested.

I just... well, the guy in my icon is Sam Merlotte.

And he happens to be many kinds of Awesome. And also about.... 55% of the reason I'll be continuing to watch.


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