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I am, without doubt, a fan of the superhero-movie genre. I get excited about new Batman movies, and 2011 will bring us Green Lantern, Captain America AND Thor, and of course there's the Avengers movie next year.

But all of that just got shoved to one side by what may actually be the best, or one of the best, superhero movies of 2011.

Also, it's 12 minutes long and cost only $300 to make.

Watch! enjoy! let the democratisation of technology continue!
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I just got back from seeing Inception

(rundown: new Christopher Nolan film, Leo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, lots of confusing stuff about dreams)




I'm serious. I've had to revise my Top Five Movies Ever list. It's now..

1. The Fall (NOTHING beats that, sorry)
2. Inception
3. Waitress
4. Blade Runner
5. Kick-Ass

So. Five stars. Shit, SIX stars. Ten stars, a hundred stars, as many stars as you want. GO SEE THIS FILM.

PS. I'm becoming obsessed with Leo DiCaprio. It started with Shutter Island, and it's getting worse....


Jul. 10th, 2010 06:33 pm
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I saw Predators. (It's produced by Robert Rodriguez! I had to!)


spoilers )

PS. Adrien Brody? Hot. Badass.
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The History Boys, easily. Seen it about ten times, and god no, I will never get tired of it.

Second place is probably Casablanca, and third is... either Serenity or Blade Runner.
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So, my local (and only, but I won't rant about that now) cinema FINALLY got around to showing The Losers.

I'll admit it, I was there for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

(I'm now half convinced that Clay is our universe's version of the Comedian, btw. Yeah. Um...)

Also, and this may be a sign of the rather worrying extent to which fandom has taken over my brain, all it took was for one character to use the word "leverage", completely in context, not referring to a certain TV show/"consulting" group at all, and I started thinking "...hey, that would actually make a pretty awesome crossover".

Then I thought some more about it on the way home. I think I may have to actually write that now.

(completely unrelated, but I also thought that, were circumstances a little different, Clay would make a rather awesome Christopher Chance. Not that I want anything to happen to the current encumbent of that name, but, you know, if the situation was different....)

Anyway. Awesome movie. Unpretentious, lots of shit blowing up, but not "just a dumb action movie" either. Also, not lacking in the pretty. I mean, Cougar, guys. Just Cougar on his own would be enough. The others as well is just spoiling us.

Oh, and there was an ad for The A-Team before the movie, too, and I remembered why I want to see *that* movie. The reason? His name's Bradley Cooper. Yeahhhh....
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spoilery thoughts )


Saw Iron Man 2 yesterday.


Also, um... okay, I *may* have bitched a little about Rhodey getting recast as Don Cheadle and about Scarlett Johansson being Natasha Romanoff.

I TAKE IT ALL BACK. So, um, sorry about that...

ALSO: teeny spoiler )


Um. I watch a lot of HBO shows. Until recently, HBO was great.

Not now.

NOW, HBO HAS TRANSCENDED "GREAT". It's really that good. It's so good that the word 'good' is now totally inadequate, and I don't know what word to use instead.

I say this because I just discovered The Wire. And, um. Yeah. <33333333333
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You know it's true....
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I did not go into this movie with high expectations.

In fact, I went for these reasons:

a) Opportunity to look at the admittedly very attractive Paul Bettany. A LOT.
b) Massive potential for Supernatural crossovers/fusions.

Spoilers" )

Movie rating: Two and a half machine-gun-wielding angels out of five. Good idea, poor-to-occasionally-decent execution, great fic ideas.

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This is the review for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new movie. I have not seen this movie, only the review.

All I can say at this point is...

damn, I think he actually makes a movie that, by comparison, makes Southland Tales look really, really good.

(Southland Tales is... complex. It's fun, but in a WTF-is-going-on-why-can't-I-stop-watching sort of way... which is better than this movie looks.)
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I went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

I haven't read any of the books. I'm not sure I care... I was a big enough mythology geek when I was younger that it was basically one big game of Spot the Mythological Figure/Creature.

I also realised that swords really do make everything better.


And... well, IDK how old the kid playing Percy is, but give him a few years and I suspect he may turn out to be hot. Then again, I thought the same thing about Robert Pattinson once upon a time, and he's turned into a hobo, so I could be wrong.

[edit: Just checked IMDb. He's 17. We'll give him a couple of years. Also, I just found out that he was in the hilariously random "Gamer", too.)

It's pretty obvious they were going with the idea of having a central trio, like HP - the hero character, the girl best friend/love interest and the guy best friend/comic relief. But I have an issue. I don't ship Percy/Annabeth at all. If anything, I think Annabeth's too good for him. And exponentially more badass.

What scares me is that there were a couple of moments when I was thinking that Annabeth and Chiron was an interesting pairing. He's a centaur. She... I'm guessing she's around 17 or so... w/e, he's a centaur, FFS! How would it even work? Dammit, brain!


1. O.M.G., Kevin McKidd AND Sean Bean? :D

2. ....still trying to figure out the conundrum that is Steve Coogan = Hades. STEVE COOGAN, people. He looked (vaguely) like the Eighth Doctor, after he'd been on a month-long bender.

3. this movie does not take itself seriously. At all. I like that a lot. It makes it FUN, and for a movie like this, fun is good.
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So, yeah, vampire novels are EVERYWHERE these days. Ditto movies. I think we all know why.

Werewolves - up 'til now - seem to have been a bit left out.

I say "until now" because The Wolfman with Benicio del Toro just came out.

It's awesome. And also has Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins in. And... well, no offence to the newly un-jailbait Taylor Lautner but... Sharkboy with airbrushed muscles and some mediocre CGI is not my idea of a werewolf... *not ranting about sparklepires today*...

but The Wolfman gets it right. It's dark and scary and bloody and more than a few people get torn into bits (there is one scene where there are just these bits of organs and stuff scattered over the ground, srsly). Also, without the prosthetics Benicio del Toro is... definitely not unattractive.

Also, the heroine (who does actually deserve the word, btw) rocks. Hard. She's smart, caring and able to find the resolve to do what she has to (despite not wanting to)... and oh, this movie's set in 1894. Therefore, screw you, Bella Swan. Gwen can kick your whiny ass any day.


Clash of the Titans, with Sam Worthington in non-giant-blue-person form. Also, GIANT FREAKING SCORPIONS. It looks fun in a really stupid kind of way.

Kick-Ass. Comic book movie, based off of a GN by Mark Millar (guy who wrote Wanted). IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC. This is all.


Now, I have to go watch, in no particular order, Lost, Supernatural, Caprica and Leverage. And also remind myself that I will not get upset on the 14th. Believe it or not, the reason for that has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day, which is so insignificant to me personally that it doesn't even register, and everything to do with a character I still miss rather a lot.
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Title: New Casablanca
Author: trillianastra
Prompt: Casablanca
Pairing(s): past Jack/Rose, Gwen/Rhys, Rose/the Doctor
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, mild swearing.
Spoilers: None for Torchwood. Pretty much… the entire movie, for Casablanca.
Disclaimer for TW and the movie you are using: Torchwood and Doctor Who belong to the BBC. Casablanca belongs to Warner Bros. This is produced purely for entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: This is completely AU for both Torchwood and Doctor Who. Setting is a city on a distant planet, helpfully named New Casablanca, sometime in the future.

This way... )
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Just saw an Avatar trailer...

and I realised that one element of the plot is (so far as I could tell) basically Pocohontas on an alien planet.

Well, I guess imperialism and exploitation is one of those things that transcends boundaries.

Also just saw a trailer for the new Alice in Wonderland movie (the Johnny Depp one). It looks good. Plot suspiciously reminiscent of the very recent Alice TV movie that SyFy just aired, but whatever...
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OK, just saw this film, after... mixed reviews. Personally, I... well, I guess I liked it, even though it scared the living crap out of me, and generally, Japanese horror films are the only thing that does that. I was watching with two different mindsets, sort of, and came up with two quite different reactions.

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Ah, yeah, now I remember why I try to avoid watching movies with the parents these days.

The fact that mein vater insists on having the TV on full volume because he can't hear the film over the sound of the crisp packet he was eating from is just the beginning. He also does not appear to grasp the fact that while Richard Curtis makes films that are technically set in 20th or 21st century England, such films are not necessarily realistic.

(Movie was The Boat That Rocked, btw. Decent, overall. Good music.)
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Previously Known Fact: Ryan Reynolds is hot.

Recently Discovered Fact: Ryan Reynolds is still hot, when you add a beard and glasses. (Well, the glasses is obviously the BrainySpecs Effect.)

Also... so, yeah, he can do Serious Acting too. (Actually, you'd think I'd've realised that after Adventureland. But I.... didn't.)

Basically: WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME ABOUT FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN SOONER? It is awesome and made me cry a little bit.

(also on the list of WHOA, SERIOUS ACTING as of now is Hayden Panettiere, who does apparently have modes other than 'cheerleader', thank the deities for that.)
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I've had this.. idea, I guess, that Michael C Hall would make a really, fantastically awesome amoral evil genius type character, bent on world domination, possibly with a white cat and an evil laugh.

It would seem that I was right about that, because that basically is who he plays in Gamer, and you know what? He's AWESOME. (No cat, unfortunately, but he does laugh in an evilish kinda way a few times)

There was also a slight Broadway moment. It was a WTFH moment IN THE EXTREME, and must be seen to be believed.

And... actually, yeah, it's a good movie all round. Though, TBH, any film with Gerard Butler, Michael C Hall, and Kyra Sedgewick all in the same place is FINE by me. Lots of explosions and stuff, too, and some downright WEIRD moments.

I should also point out that yes, there is one scene of this movie that involves Milo Ventimiglia wearing... skintight latex. Er. Yeah.... it is a good movie, I swear.


Sep. 5th, 2009 09:41 pm
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OK, so, I saw District 9.

And I loved it. I can't really describe it adequately... just go see it, it's fantastic.

(also I now have the urge to write crossover fic involving Torchwood South Africa, but that's a post for another day...)

The other movie I saw recently is (500) Days of Summer. It's good. Interesting, well put together (jumps around a bit, timeline-wise, but not too confusing), and really well cast, so overall a fun movie.

... I did have to fight the urge to go "REID!" every time Matthew Gray Gubler was onscreen, though. I swear, I can't help it... this is what four seasons of Criminal Minds will do you, guys...


Aug. 15th, 2009 06:36 pm
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OK, so I saw The Time-traveler's Wife yesterday.

It was good.

(Then again, any film with that much Naked!Eric Bana is FINE by me... er...)


Being scientifically-minded, I got to thinking about Henry and Alba and the timetraveling thing. And now I've decided that, basically, Henry's traveling is the beginning of a new stage of human evolution, into... idk, X-men mutants or whatever.

Think about it - Henry can timetravel, but can't control it at all. Alba can timetravel, but has a degree of control over it. Anyone want to bet that Alba's hypothetical future child will have an even greater amount of control?
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So I'm watching "The Oxford Murders", which has maths and philosophy and dead people and John Hurt being awesome...

when I see Burn Gorman as a random foreign postgraduate maths student at Oxford. There may have been a *squee* moment there... followed by a moment reminding myself that he has played other roles besides Owen Harper and that said roles are not all Owen Harper in disguise.


I'm not entirely sure it worked.

Still... he does look sort of adorable...

See? Adorable.


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