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Title: Enthusiasm
Author: trillianastra
Fandoms: Leverage, TRON: Legacy
Characters/Pairings: Sam Flynn/Alec Hardison, Quorra, Eliot, Parker.
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers for TRON: Legacy, none for Leverage.
Prompt: Sam is starting to get a bit annoyed that his boyfriend keeps nerdgasming over Quorra's existence. (at comment_fic)
Disclaimer: all characters are property of their respective creators, no infringement intended.


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Title: Family Matters
Author: trillianastra
Fandoms: Inception, Leverage, RED
Characters/Pairings: Eames/Arthur, Ariadne, "Sophie", Eliot, and a cameo by Victoria
Prompt: For this at [ profile] inception_kink.
Wordcount: 2392
Disclaimer: not my characters, just for fun.
Summary: Eames' sister disapproves of Arthur, because she thinks he isn't committed to her brother. Then Eames disappears and Arthur raises hell to get him back.
A note of explanation: The original prompt was not a crossover. But I have this idea where Eames' sister is Sophie from Leverage, and their mum is Victoria from RED (Helen Mirren's character). I also have this idea that "Sophie"'s real name is Irene Adler, because I'm a nerd like that. Anyway, enjoy...


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In honour of the fact that Leverage has recently finished its third season, I thought I'd do the thing I've been meaning to do for a while now, and actually do a meta-post on the series.

(I know I do my reaction posts for each episode, but those tend to consist of SQUEE and fangirly flailing. This is going to be at least halfway serious.)

Also, this is going to be heavily spoilerific for... everything, really. Just a heads up.

On with the show...


Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind )


All I know is, I adore this show, and I am profoundly, profoundly grateful to the cast, crew, writers and producers who have worked so hard to give us three fantastic seasons.

May there be many more to come.
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OK, so, for the first time *ever*, I can actually watch SoA each week as it airs.

...only, now I've seen 3x01 and all I can think is something along the lines of WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE FOR A DVD SET NOW.

Anyway... spoilers ahoy )


random non-SoA thing: Leverage season 1 is FINALLY, FINALLY out on DVD over here. I now possess this DVD. I feel an epic rewatch coming on...

The A-Team

Jul. 30th, 2010 10:28 pm
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I saw it.

I'm not sure what this says about me, but I was left with three enduring thoughts:

1. oh, god, Bradley Cooper... could not get any hotter.

2. I've convinced myself that Lynch is working for Max from The Losers. As is the Other Lynch.

3. I have a mental image of What Happens When Murdock Meets Parker. It involves giggling, and it's beginning to get unsettling...

Also, guess who showed up right at the end?

that's right, JON HAMM. He keeps showing up in things unexpectedly...

But hey, bonus Jon Hamm. And it's not like this film needed any more pretty, after Bradley Cooper AND Patrick Wilson (who, btw, should play the bad guy more often) AND Sharlto Copley.

PS. The A-Team/Losers/Leverage crossover is well into the planning phase... :DD
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Title: We Go Together
Fandom: Leverage
Prompt: any, Grease!AU (for [ profile] kryptic_pear at [ profile] comment_fic)
Pairings/Characters: Nate/Sophie, Maggie. (Parker/Hardison and Tara/Sterling hinted at)
Warnings:'s a Grease AU. Um. No warnings. Very slight spoiler for the plot of Grease, I guess...
Summary: Transfer student Sophie meets Nate Ford during summer break, and is dismayed to find that he doesn't seem to want to know her once school starts again.
A/N: Oh, dammit, I think I made myself ship Tara/Sterling. *headdesk*

We Go Together )
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You know what?

I'm going to do a Leverage re-watch to tide me over until *squee* season three.

"Nigerian Job", here I come...
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Title: A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost...
Author: trillianastra
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: Hardison, Eliot, Parker
Genre: Gen (supernatural AU)
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Warnings/Spoilers: No spoilers for Leverage, but if you watch Being Human on the BBC this will seem very familiar... (and I may have lifted one line direct from the BH pilot episode...)
Author's Note: Written for this prompt at [ profile] comment_fic: Leverage, ghost!Parker/vampire!Hardison/werewolf!Eliot, sharing a house, trying to live a normal social life...
A/N #2: Uh... this prompt may have spawned a few... extra plotbunnies. It's working its way up to an entire universe at this point, frankly I'm a little scared... anyway, it is likely that there will be sequels.

Sequels that involve Nate. Oh, I have plans for Nate in this AU. And a role all picked out for Sophie, too... heh heh heh.

“This is a bad idea, Hardison.” )
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Yeah, it's been a while (OK, a whole week) since I posted. Or did anything online at all. This is not, as my last entry might suggest, because I was in catatonic shock over the last Dollhouse episode. Much less exciting.

Actually, I went to work last Monday, dealt with ASTONISHING numbers of new registrations (...I think I hit a personal best... don't ask...), and picked up a gastritis bug that's been making the rounds. Cue, two days of not being able to keep anything down (that was FUN), a trip to the doctor for some meds, and a few more days of feeling like crap. But hey, at least I wasn't chucking up at the mere mention of food any more. And I've probably lost a couple of pounds as well.

Now that all that... unpleasantness... is done, and with today being Cold and Grey and MISERABLE, I've been catching up on my TV. This means (this week anyway) Lost, Leverage and Supernatural (also I'm doing a minimarathon of Criminal Minds, seeing as I have about three weeks' worth of eps to watch).

Spoilers ahead, folks. Also, here be CAPSLOCK in abundance....

Lost 6-01/02 - 'LA X' )

Supernatural 5-13 'The Song Remains the Same' )

Leverage 2-13 'The Future Job' )

And finally, some awesomeness:

Green Day and the cast of the American Idiot musical at the Grammys. I need to see that. SO MUCH. Hmmm. Need to find out when it opens, beg/buy/steal ticket, get to New York. (The bummer is that I won't even have my usual consolation prize of buying the OST and filling in the rest for myself - because the music, I guess, will come mostly from the American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums, Which I've already got. DAMMIT.)
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Well. It's been snowing here for most of the week. It's cold. There's not a whole lot to do other than catch up on TV (and YAY, stuff is actually back post-Xmas).

Thus, today's efforts:

Spoilers for Dollhouse, Scrubs, Heroes )
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#1. Went to see Little Sister's highschool play with Mother and Middle Sister. It was Footloose. Apparently, of me, Mother and MS, I was the only one who had actually heard of the movie.

Sometimes I despair of my family. I really, really do.

(It was a good production though. Almost as good as their production of We Will Rock You that they did last year.)

#2. At various points in the aforementioned school play, I found myself imagining that I was watching the cast of Glee onstage instead of LS and a bunch of her classmates.

(I found myself a Finn, Puck, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina and Kurt. It was actually kinda fun.)

#3. Watched this week's Criminal Minds. Went *wibble* a lot. Then started thinking, "hmm, if the BAU team were criminals, what kind would they be?" Then that made me want to write some kind of AU crossover with Leverage, where the Leverage team are the feds and/or profilers and the CM team are the criminals. Somehow that involves Prentiss and Reid as grifting partners. I just... well. Yeah. Also, the idea of Parker as an actual FBI agent (not a fake one, she's been that LOADS of times) is faintly terrifying.
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Title: The Boys Watch The Girls Watch The Boys Watch The… Boys?
Fandom: Leverage
Characters/Pairings: Nate/Maggie/Eliot, Sophie, Hardison and Parker mentioned.
Spoilers: None.
Prompt: Nate watches Maggie as she watches Eliot who watches Nate, for [ profile] pesha at [ profile] comment_fic

A/N: I think this comes somewhere at the end of Season One. Or maybe it’s the beginning of an AU Season Two, where Maggie’s joined the team. I’m really not sure…

The title is a deliberate misquote of the lyrics to "Music to Watch Girls By", by Andy Williams.

the boys watch the girls watch the boys watch the... boys? )


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