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In honour of the fact that Leverage has recently finished its third season, I thought I'd do the thing I've been meaning to do for a while now, and actually do a meta-post on the series.

(I know I do my reaction posts for each episode, but those tend to consist of SQUEE and fangirly flailing. This is going to be at least halfway serious.)

Also, this is going to be heavily spoilerific for... everything, really. Just a heads up.

On with the show...


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All I know is, I adore this show, and I am profoundly, profoundly grateful to the cast, crew, writers and producers who have worked so hard to give us three fantastic seasons.

May there be many more to come.
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Title: The Boys Watch The Girls Watch The Boys Watch The… Boys?
Fandom: Leverage
Characters/Pairings: Nate/Maggie/Eliot, Sophie, Hardison and Parker mentioned.
Spoilers: None.
Prompt: Nate watches Maggie as she watches Eliot who watches Nate, for [ profile] pesha at [ profile] comment_fic

A/N: I think this comes somewhere at the end of Season One. Or maybe it’s the beginning of an AU Season Two, where Maggie’s joined the team. I’m really not sure…

The title is a deliberate misquote of the lyrics to "Music to Watch Girls By", by Andy Williams.

the boys watch the girls watch the boys watch the... boys? )
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So, in this episode, no-one does what they normally do. Sophie's trying to be Nate, Parker's being Sophie, Nate and Hardison are undercover and Eliot's doing the computer stuff (with added snark of course).

Spoilers )

In a related note, BBC News just mentioned a lawsuit in the US where Abercrombie & Fitch were cleared of discriminating against a disabled employee. I swear, my first thought was "Ah, just get Nate and the team on it, they'll sort 'em out." Just further proof that TV really has taken over my life.
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So. Well, there was one very particular moment this week that gave me this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

But then it was banished by some good old-fashioned Leverage awesomeness and we got to end on a high note. Well, maybe a medium note, I don't know...

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