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Spaceship Name
Spaceship Size
How is the spaceship piloted?
How is the spaceship powered?
What's the upholstery like on the seats?
How do you see outside the spaceship?
What's the spaceship's primary purpose?
What's the Captain's catchphrase?
Main Weapon System:Cow Catapult
Main Defensive System:Pillows
Chance of catastrophic failure at critical moments
Voice of the ship's computer:rayruz
Finds mandatory uniform unflattering:daria234
Looks sexy in mandatory uniform:falseeeyelashes
Ripped sleeves off mandatory uniform:foresthouse
Spends an unhealthy amount of time in the weapons locker:medjai_trowa
This Fun Quiz created by Akhmed at BlogQuiz.Net
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Jul. 15th, 2010 08:55 pm
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Post an anonymous comment with:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
9. After you do it for me, put it in your LJ and see who does it for you.

book meme

Jun. 6th, 2010 11:01 pm
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snagged from [ profile] trialia

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).

Offering him hallucinogen, taking devout and monkish notes on whatever drivel he subsequently raved.

"Will they come after you?" Billy said. "If you go rogue?"

What this renegacy would mean! Dane would be without the church that had made him, an apostate hero taking faith into the heart of darkness, a paladin in hell. A lifetime of obedience, followed by what?

(Kraken, by China Mieville. Three guesses what that's about...)
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Nabbed from [ profile] trialia

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (unless the first line reveals the song title) from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing. Skip the instrumental-only pieces (non-English too if you want).
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and title correctly. (If it's a cover, the original artist is okay, and vice-versa.)
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like this game, post your own!

be warned, I have very eclectic taste in music... )
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Seen this in a few places. My contribution:

O Captain my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up--for you the flag is flung for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribboned wreaths for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head!
It is some dream that on the deck,
You've fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still;
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will;
The ship is anchored safe and sound, its voyage closed and done;
From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
But I, with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

- Walt Whitman
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(got this from [ profile] bradeatspeeps)

List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

Doctor Who, lots of. Various serials of One, Two, Three, an enormous amount of Four, Five, Seven, Nine, and all of NewWho S3 and S4
Prison Break (all)
The 4400 (all)
Lost (seasons 1-3)
Chuck (season 1)
Being Human (season 1)
Generation Kill
Battlestar Galactica (new, all)
The X-Files (seasons 1 and 2)
Gossip Girl (seasons 1 and 2)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 5)
Scrubs (seasons 1-5)
Angel (all)
The L-Word (season 1)
Heroes (season 1)
The Sopranos (season 1)
The Black Donnellys
All Creatures Great and Small (season 1)
State of Play
Mad Men (season 1)
The Thick of It
The Devil's Whore
Bones (seasons 1 and 2)
Flight of the Conchords (season 1)
Six Feet Under (seasons 1 and 2)
Life on Mars (UK, seasons 1 and 2)
Criminal Minds (seasons 1 and 2)
The Tudors (all)

And, because I'm a bit OCD like that, here's the list of Shows I Downloaded From iTunes:

Ashes to Ashes (season 1)
Torchwood (seasons 1 and 2)
Caprica (all available episodes)
Stargate Universe (all available episodes)
Dollhouse (season 1)
Lost (season 4)
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1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" "please, may I have one?" or something like that and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)

2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them

3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

[ profile] bassair gave me "a backwards reality"

My Story and Characters )

Music Meme

Jan. 18th, 2010 08:56 pm
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Nabbed from [ profile] solidfoamsoul.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...

questions/songs )
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Stolen from [ profile] dreamsofspike

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add three more guys to the list.

1. Russell Howard
2. Criss Angel
3. Robert Pattinson
4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
5. Hugh Jackman
6. Brad Pitt
7. Jared Padalecki
8. Taylor Lautner
9. Jackson Rathbone?
10. Robert Downey Jr.
11. Jared Leto
12. Adam Gontier?
13. Christian Kane
14. Michael Welch?
15. Jensen Ackles
16. Michael Shanks?
17. Misha Collins
18. Ryan Reynolds
19. Andrew Lee Potts
20. Lee Pace
21. David Tennant
22. John Krasinski?
23. Rupert Grint
24. Justin Chambers?
25. Ed Helms?
26. Patrick Dempsey
27. Johnny Depp
28. Bradley Whitford?
29. Paul Rudd
30. Cory Monteith
31. Dominic Monaghan
32. Zachary Quinto
33. Jon Hamm
34. Josh Holloway
35. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
36. Taye Diggs
37. Allan Hyde
38. Hadley Klein?
39. Alexander Skarsgard
40. Sam Worthington
41. David Boreanaz
42. Sam Trammell
43. Ryan Kwanten
44. Neil Patrick Harris
45. Adam Lambert
46. Michael C. Hall

My Additions

47. Matthew Morrison
48. Chace Crawford
49. Robert Carlyle


Jan. 9th, 2010 03:39 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] myha_riot

Pick five of your favourite TV shows, in no order, and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

(If you're going to do the meme, pick your shows before reading the questions!)


1. Doctor Who
2. Lost
3. Firefly
4. Gossip Girl
5. Prison Break

The Questions )


Dec. 16th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Choose 10 characters and answer the questions that follow. No peeking until your list is done!


1. Lloyd Simcoe (FlashForward)
2. Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)
3. Topher Brink (Dollhouse)
4. Martha Jones (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
5. Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
6. Bennett Halverson (Dollhouse)
7. Alice Hamilton (Alice)
8. Kurt Hummel (Glee)
9. Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl)
10. Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

questions )
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Stolen from [ profile] queenfaithie

1. My username is ______ because ______.

[ profile] trillianastra because I love, adore and pretty much worship the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Trillian Astra is the name Trillian uses when she's a jetsetting intergalactic reporter.

2. My name is _____ because ______.

Nicole. Because my dad apparently had a thing for French names. (So. Not. Kidding. You should see my sisters' middle names.... mine aren't too bad, actually)

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.

Scribbles, Thoughts and Miscellany, because it's broad enough to encompass all the things I post/rant/ramble on about. Also, I really like the word Miscellany. (It's one of my top three favourite words. The others are Ephemera and Syzygy.)

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.

Scribblers, because it went with the journal title.

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

The extremely sexy Joseph Fiennes, from FlashForward, a show that is infuriating, addictive, and also... my fill-in show to keep me going on mysterious stuff until Lost gets back.



I have been watching Stargate Universe, which in itself is odd because I've never really been that attached to the Stargate franchise. Sure, I saw a few episodes of SG-1, but I never got into Atlantis... and then SGU came along.

And OK, maybe it was the Robert Carlyle involvement that drew me in (It was, I admit it - I'd watch anything with him in. Unfortunately, down that road lies *shudder* Eragon). But once I was THERE, I found that, actually, there are a whole bunch of other characters I like as well.

quick lowdown...
- I think I have a teeny crush on Lt. Scott. *le sigh*
- OK, so, I really like Chloe. Kinda identify with her a bit, maybe it's because she's my age. IDK.
- After the last ep I saw ("Light", ep 5), I really like Greer. He may even be my replacement Starbuck.
- In fact, the whole damn show looks like it's shaping up to be my replacement for BSG. This extends to my tendency to collect substitute-father-figures from my various fandoms. With BSG it was Bill Adama. This time round, I suspect it's going to be Col. Young.
- Eli's great. I FriendShip him with Chloe a bit.
- I'm also kinda in awe of Dr Rush. A bit. For... obvious reasons, I guess.
- Destiny is a beautiful ship. (well done, SFX guys!)
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Stolen from [ profile] scripps

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 5 of these, then post.

Fandom: The History Boys
Pairing: Dakin/Scripps
Rating: PG-13 to be safe

Well, musically speaking, that could have been a lot worse... )
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Stolen from [ profile] drabblewriter

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

Fandom is Heroes.

Characters are:

1. Emma Coolidge
2. Samuel Sullivan
3. Tracy Strauss
4. Peter Petrelli
5. Claire Bennet
6. Gabriel “Sylar” Gray
7. Elle Bishop
8. Matt Parkman
9. Elle Bishop
10. Mohinder Suresh

That was fun! )
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Rules for the meme:

1. If you’re a writer, comment to this post with your username.
2. Commenters, no drama please. Play like adults. And writers, be prepared for any comment.
3. Pimp the meme out by posting the above code into your journal.
4. Be honest.
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Stolen from [ profile] drabblewriter

LiveJournal Username
The name of your zombie infested home town.
Your zombie killing weapon of choice.
How much do zombies scare you?
Oh noes!!11 A zombie! What do you do?
Blasting zombies left and right with a freaking twelve guage. What do you think?fenrischained
Curled into a fetal position crying their eyes out.myha_riot
Is pwning some zombies with Don't Stop Me Now playing in the background.aeron_lanart
Is sitting at home watching CNN and eating ice cream.hunters_retreat
Get ripped to pieces by the zombies. Bummer.becky_writing
Is the zombie king who you must destroy to end the zombie menace.chaletian
Number of zombies you decapitate.623
Chances you survive the zombie swarm.
This Fun Quiz created by Rob at BlogQuiz.Net
Aquarius Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Music meme

Sep. 2nd, 2009 05:53 pm
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Nabbed from [ profile] chaletian

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 26 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

1. Eva ~ Nightwish
2. One of the Mornings ~ Moby
3. Gives You Hell ~ All American Rejects
4. Breathe (Acoustic) ~ Abney Park
5. I want to hear what you have got to say ~ The Subways
6. Love Story ~ Taylor Swift
7. This Dark and Twisty Road ~ Abney Park
8. Steve McQueen - The Automatic
9. What the Milkman Saw ~ Reverend and the Makers
10. Strength Through Music ~ Amanda Palmer
11. Mr Tambourine Man ~ Bob Dylan
12. 21st Century Breakdown ~ Green Day
13. Read My Mind ~ The Killers
14. My Mom ~ Kimya Dawson
15. Virus ~ Abney Park
16. NYC's Like A Graveyard ~ The Moldy Peaches
17. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) ~ Jimi Hendrix
18. Bad Things ~ Jace Everett
19. Songbird ~ Eva Cassidy
20. Young for Eternity ~ The Subways
21. Stadium Arcadium ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
22. Hallelujah ~ Rufus Wainwright
23. Son of a Preacher Man ~ Dusty Springfield
24. Red is the New Black ~ Funeral For a Friend
25. We Started This Op'ra S**t ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera
26. The Way You Make Me Feel ~ Michael Jackson

... that could have turned out worse...
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Nabbed from [ profile] drabblewriter

Take the first lines of your last ten stories and run each of them through Translation Party until they reach equilibrium, or until the program gives up on you. Post the results.

the results )

Er... most of those were oneshots I wrote for [ profile] comment_fic. The ones that weren't... I might finish eventually.
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Acquires from [ profile] dreamsofspike

Pick 12 characters you like, and then answer the questions below the cut about them. Obviously first choose your characters before you see the questions.

1. Shilo Wallace (Repo)
2. Fox Mulder (X-Files)
3. Mason (Dead Like Me)
4. Alex Rousseau (Lost)
5. Owen Harper (Torchwood)
6. Tara Thornton (True Blood)
7. Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
8. Jenny (Doctor Who)
9. Topher Brink (Dollhouse)
10. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
11. Jacob (Lost)
12. Billy Prior (Regeneration trilogy)

Craziness this way... )</lj-cut


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