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Well. That was it.

Um. Spoilery stuff behind the cut.

High Noon at Fenchurch East )

Anyway. It's done. This fantastic, awesome, totally wonderful show is finished. We know the truth (or some of it at least). We got the best (IMO) possible ending.

And that, I think, is enough. The rest is silence.

(yes, gratuitous Shakespeare is gratuitous... I really don't care)

PS. Just because it's done, and just because this was such a fantastic ending... well, none of that means I'm not going to miss this show. Time for a Life on Mars marathon, I think...

PPS. Not that I watched the US LoM or anything... because these characters played by anyone other than these actors would just be wrong but... I'm glad the US LoM only lasted the one season. Because no way could it ever have matched up to this.

And if anyone even so much as thinks about making a US A2A, I am going to hurt them.
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Right then.

The last ever episode of Ashes to Ashes is on in less than 25 minutes.

So if, at about 10:05 tonight, I'm catatonic and/or crying my eyes out and/or utterly incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence... that will be why.
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This post: rated R. Um. I needed to let off some steam. With cursing. *shrug*

spoilers )
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spoilery thoughts )


Saw Iron Man 2 yesterday.


Also, um... okay, I *may* have bitched a little about Rhodey getting recast as Don Cheadle and about Scarlett Johansson being Natasha Romanoff.

I TAKE IT ALL BACK. So, um, sorry about that...

ALSO: teeny spoiler )


Um. I watch a lot of HBO shows. Until recently, HBO was great.

Not now.

NOW, HBO HAS TRANSCENDED "GREAT". It's really that good. It's so good that the word 'good' is now totally inadequate, and I don't know what word to use instead.

I say this because I just discovered The Wire. And, um. Yeah. <33333333333
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I picked up a Firefly prompt at [ profile] comment_fic, and the resulting fic is a) two pages and threatening to be multi-chapter and b) turning into a Fringe crossover.

Also, and I have no idea why, but I've had the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in my head for DAYS, GODSDAMMIT, DAYS.

I haven't watched that show for YEARS. Why now?! GAHHH.

(Um. I have two [ profile] reel_torchwood fics to finish. AHHHH. And new plotbunnies just won't leave me alone. AHHHH.)

Had this idea at work re: Ashes to Ashes. See, the series (and LoM) are kind of irrevocably linked to David Bowie's music for me. So my idea was to basically write a short fic (100 words minimum) per song. I'm calling it Project Bowie, and I have at least two fics planned already. :D


Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:33 pm
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Highschool-AU fanfics are pretty common in fandom, or at least the parts I'm aware of. I've written a couple myself, back when I was just getting started in this crazy thing we call fandom. Since then I've... moved on, to more mature ideas, often philosophical about stuff, and probably a bit pretentious occasionally as well, if I'm being completely honest.

So why, given the fact that I haven't written a highschool AU fic for a few years now, do I suddenly have the urge to write a highschool (well, okay, 1980s-comprehensive-school) AU for Ashes to Ashes, of all things? And apparently, my previously underactive A2A muse thinks that in said AU, Ray and Alex are stepsiblings. I think the reasoning there is based on 3x03...

Well. I guess I could throw some philosophical stuff in...

Gah. Muses.
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Just watched the season finale of Ashes to Ashes.

I'l just be over here... absorbing... for a while. It hasn't quite sunk in yet.


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