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Well. It's been snowing here for most of the week. It's cold. There's not a whole lot to do other than catch up on TV (and YAY, stuff is actually back post-Xmas).

Thus, today's efforts:

Spoilers for Dollhouse, Scrubs, Heroes )
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Stolen from [ profile] drabblewriter

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

Fandom is Heroes.

Characters are:

1. Emma Coolidge
2. Samuel Sullivan
3. Tracy Strauss
4. Peter Petrelli
5. Claire Bennet
6. Gabriel “Sylar” Gray
7. Elle Bishop
8. Matt Parkman
9. Elle Bishop
10. Mohinder Suresh

That was fun! )
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You know, I've decided that Hiro basically has two modes: "hyperactive toddler" and "kicked puppy".

That's pretty much it for his character. And, really, it's getting BORING.

Anyway...Spoilers )


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This week I saw three fandom-y things (well, two definite and one that was just my interpretation...), at three different times.

#1 was a guy in a t-shirt that said "I aim to misbehave"

#2 was a second guy in a t-shirt with the helix-y thing from Heroes on/

#3 was a guy wearing the same tweed jacket that Matt Smith's been wearing for his Eleventh Doctor costume.

Each of those made me go *squee* a bit.

On the flip side, today I was walking past a pedestrian crossing - on a side street, not a road where traffic moves particularly fast - when a couple and their two kids were crossing, and the asshole in the nearest car basically didn't stop at the crossing to let them pass. And fyi, there was nothing stopping him from seeing them, and it's a zebra crossing that gets used frequently, so he ought to known better.

The mother of the kids gave him a good yelling-at, though. (No-one was hurt - but they could easily have been.) Gods, there are some self-centred idiots in this world.
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Heroes has... put me through a lot, and there have been times when I've wondered why I still bother with it. The end of season three was one of those times... but I gave this new episode a chance, because part of me still hopes that one day, this show will get back to the awesomeness of Season One.

Spoilers )
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Title: The Chase
Fandom: Heroes
Characters/Pairings: Sylar/Claire, mention of other characters.
Rating: PG-13

For "Heroes, Claire/Sylar, she tries to hide by crossdressing" @ [ profile] comment_fic

She shudders, remembering that he found her that way in Rome, and Shanghai, and he’d’ve got her that way in Zurich if it hadn’t been for the last-minute change of plans. )
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Spoilers of the OMGMASSIVE variety )

Incidentally, seeing as we're between seasons again.... yep, I have that nagging urge to take the current canonical situation and play the What Happens Next game with some fic. Just like I did after S1 and S2... evidently this is becoming a thing.
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It's kind of official.

Doctor Who has actually, totally, eaten my brain.

I know this, because this week's episode of Heroes involves (in a small way) an old silver fobwatch.

Me being my Whovian-obsessed self, of course, I did a mental EEEEEEP because in Who-land, fobwatches are to be treated with extreme caution.

Especially silver ones with fancy engraving on.
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Spoiler for the ep )
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Okay... been thinking about Heroes.

The writers seem to be being quite... blatant about stealing borrowing plots, etc from other fandoms.

Vaguely spoilery stuff )
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Title: Broken Toy Soldiers
Fandoms: Heroes, Supernatural, Firefly, Torchwood, BtVS
Rating: PG13 (for now, later chapters may be higher)
Warnings: it mentions the Unification War. That's it.
Pairings (if applicable): none currently, but later Sam Winchester/River Tam, Jack Harkness/Claire Bennet, Dawn Summers/Simon Tam.
Character(s) (if applicable): Sam Winchester, River Tam, Jack Harkness, Claire Bennet, Dawn Summers, and various Firefly characters.
Spoilers: None for Torchwood, Heroes or Firefly. Slight spoilers for S5 BtVS and S3 Supernatural (SPNL s3 finale, and also Where Dawn Came From)
Summary: Sam and Dawn try to work out what happened to them, and in the process they discover that they're more alike than they think. In an Intermission, we find out how Jack and Claire have been keeping themselves busy for the last 500 years.

Chapter Two )


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