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a) went-on-a-bender-and-drank-a-liquor-store Castiel is awesome. Also, huggable. And grouchy. Er...

b) Castiel's voicemail recording. Dude. DUDE. Ah, angels.

c) Oh, Dean. Fuck.... this is so not good. I knew what he was doing, going to Lisa. It was a goodbye. He... figured out what he needed to do, only he needed to say goodbye first, and... well, she's about the only person other than Sam that he *could* do that.

The words "stercus, stercus, stercus, we're all going to die" come to mind.

d) ....huh, Dean's a True Servant of Heaven after all? And Sammy's an Abomination, apparently...

e) The Whore of Babylon chooses a sweet, innocent-looking small-town preacher's daughter to impersonate/possess? Yeahhh... totally not an accident.

f) So, I have this idea...
1. Everyone on this show has Daddy Issues, y/y?
2. God is AWOL.
3. When Dean and Sam ran into Ash in Heaven (which, btw, WOO), Ash said that a) he'd been checking out other people's heavens and b) he hadn't found John and Mary (yet).
4. We know John's not in Hell any more, and somehow I doubt Mary is.
5. Um, her name IS Mary. A name of some significance in this particular Judaeo-Christian mythology...
6. Michael and Lucifer are brothers...

= what if, assuming God ever does actually appear onscreen, he showed up looking like John Winchester?

This could mean that John actually is God, or that God appears to Dean and/or Sam as John because God doesn't really have a gender or an appearance and therefore looks different to different people. I'm not sure yet.

I do have a corollary, though, re: Mary. Maybe, for some mystical reason, Mary Winchester nee Campbell was a reincarnation or something of THE Mary. You know, Jesus' mother.

And of course there's the issue of Jesus himself, who does have a pretty big role to play in the Apocalypse, if I remember the Book of Revelation properly. It'd just be nice if he could show up, you know?

(Unless he already has, of course, and has been going by the name Dean for the last thirty years. C'mon, it makes sense! It fits with the Mary theory! And it's not like they're skimping on the symbolism here...)

PS. Also, getting JDM back to play God would be a good move.


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