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also to be known as The One Written By Richard Curtis.

(Frankly, I'm surprised Hugh Grant didn't show up, he seems to have been in everything else written by RC ever... still, Bill Nighy instead, that'll do.)

And on the subject of 'celebrity' writers for Who, I'm still more excited that Neil Gaiman is doing an episode for Eleven-season-two. Because... *FLAIL*


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OK. First proper, non-introductory, episode. As I posted earlier, this episode was a key episode for me to figure out what kind of Doctor this is. (It's written by Moffat too, which is always a plus)

And... oh, boy. Oh, wow. It delivers. In spades. And... um, yeah. Well..

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I was flicking through a TV guide today, trying to find out when episode 2 of Doctor Who is on, and I realised something:

I'm actually anticipating this week's episode more than I did The Eleventh Hour. I mean, I had eighteen months to anticipate that, and it was a regeneration episode, and you can't judge a new Doctor properly in the first episode because, in his own words, "he's still cooking".

Don't misunderstand me, The Eleventh Hour was great. But it was a road-test episode. Here's the new Doctor, here's Amy, here's Rory, what are they going to do, here's the Atraxi, etc. It's a bit like the first NuWho series, when we started with "Rose", which was a good episode - but it had a very introductory feel. You didn't really get a good feel for Rose, or Nine, or anything else, until "The End of the World" a week later.

Tonight's episode is going to be the one where we really find out what this Doctor is made of.

Also, the TV guide mentioned one word, one very specific word, that makes me happy.

That word is: STEAMPUNK.

I've been waiting for a little steampunk!Who for a long time... though the new TARDIS interior was a good start, with the typewriter and all the random little gadgets everywhere.
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Right, I may have finally lost it, but for some reason this just occurred to me.

The new Doctor (oooh, it feels weird saying that) is number Eleven, right? And based on the s5 trailer/various filming photos that have been circulating lately, Amy the New Companion has really great legs.... does this mean we can call the new DW team Legs Eleven, or am I just being incredibly lame?

(for anyone not British, not crazy and/or not familiar with the game of bingo, on my side of the pond 'legs eleven' is the bingo nickname for the number eleven. Like I said, probably lame.)
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OK. Part of me just wants to curl up in a ball and cry, still. This is probably not going to be in any sort of sensible order.

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Title: Exploration in Style
Author: [ profile] trillianastra
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoiler for the BSG final episode.
Pairings (if applicable): hints at Lee Adama/Martha Jones
Character(s) (if applicable) Eleventh Doctor, Sally Sparrow, Martha Jones, Lee Adama.
Summary: After UNIT make an unusual discovery, the Doctor and Martha visit prehistoric Earth and meet a new friend.
A/N: This is kind of a dual-purpose fic. Originally it was just to get rid of the idea that pounced on me while watching (of all things) Law & Order: UK. The other purpose to this fic is as a prequel (of sorts) to a project that I'm calling the Great Mega-Crossover AU of 2009, which will feature the characters from this fic, as well as quite a lot of others. (I'm so not kidding here. Eight separate fandoms are now involved. At the moment.)

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Here's a couple of things I haven't told anyone yet...

first... I saw Slumdog Millionaire recently, and I loved it. Afterwards I went and bought the OST, because the music in that movie is just beautiful.

The thing is... it's so good, it makes me want to dance myself to the point of exhaustion. (Not kidding.) So the guy who did the music for the movie (I forget his name) - is some kind of genius.

Second thing...

A few days ago I discovered REPO! The Genetic Opera. I've been listening to it a lot...

...and I really, really want to write lots of Shilo/GraveRobber fic. Despite the age gap (Shilo's seventeen) and the fact that GraveRobber is a... well, a graverobbing drug dealer.

Oh, and I also really, really, really want something to be worked out so that Shilo can be the next companion on Doctor Who. Face it, Shilo and Eleven would rock, travelling the universe and saving worlds together.
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Title: Mystery White Boy
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Characters: the Eleventh Doctor, Sally Sparrow, [this chapter] Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble.

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Title: Mystery White Boy
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Characters: the Eleventh Doctor, Sally Sparrow, various Companions.
A/N #1: “Mystery White Boy” is the name of a Jeff Buckley album that I was listening to while thinking about Eleven.
A/N #2: This is highly, highly, speculative. My Eleven is likely to be entirely different from whatever actual!Eleven turns out to be like. That’s why this is speculative.
A/N #3: Here’s how this will work.The first chapter sets the scene. Each subsequent chapter will involve a visit to a companion. Other than that, anything could happen.
A/N #4: Regarding Spoilers... well, if you're up to date with New!Who, you're fine. Classic!Who will also be referenced shamelessly. If anything particularly big/momentous/important from Classic!Who gets mentioned, I'll warn for that separately.

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(I am, of course, referring to the Eleventh Doctor.)

The identity of the young man playing Eleven was revealed on BBC One tonight.

Cut for the sake of anyone who hasn't heard yet )

Now, naturally, once I'd actually seen what the aforementioned young man looks like, I started thinking clothing. Currently, I think a look reminiscent of James Dean in "Rebel without a Cause" would work beautifully. (Black jacket and trousers, white shirt, plain black tie.)

Also, I think we have a prize for "Most pretentious sounding sentence I've ever written", right there...

And one other thing... they said that, prior to Eleven, David Tennant was the youngest Doctor so far. This is patently false - Tennant was 33-34 when he started, while Peter Davison was 29-30 when he became the Fifth Doctor. So THERE, BBC.

PS. Incidentally, yes, I have got ideas for Eleven!fic, now....

EDIT: Interestingly, I've now seen a casting photo of Eleven... I was right about the predominantly-black thing. Weird...


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