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So, I have this routine that I do at the moment for Wednesdays. I watch Lost first, then afterwards I let my brain recover from the confused mush that watching Lost turns it into by watching Glee afterwards.

I kinda needed that this week.

Lost spoilers )

Glee spoilers )

Lost 6x10

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:02 pm
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I'm confused.

Spoilers. Confusing spoilers. )
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1. a)...though, to be honest, I think I see why it's taken this long for us to get a Richard flashback. It was... revelatory, I guess.

2. I really like the title of the ep. It means "from eternity", btw.

Spoilers from here on...

It's good to see you out of those chains... )


OK... now that's done, I can go back to nice, relatively uncomplicated and *totally awesome* Deadwood until next week. *sigh*
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OK. The good thing about this ep?

It's a Sayid episode. And, well, he *is* one of my favourites. So yeah.

Unfortunately... er, I have just one question after watching this episode. That question is:


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See my icon right now?

That's pretty much how I feel.

Spoilers )


Now I'm off to watch more Bones, which I've been marathoning the last couple of days. I decided to catch up, see, and then I realised I had a season and a half to catch up ON. So yeah. Still, the last ep had Bonus!Stephen Fry, which is always nice. Also, I really, really need to hug Sweets right now.
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Okay, so...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, people. Dammit, why must Locke episodes always contain exponentially more Weird Shit than the rest?


EDIT: Just thought of something. This episode is called "The Substitute", referring to Locke. This episode-naming is similar to "The Constant" (referring to Desmond) and "The Variable" (referring to Daniel) in seasons 4 and 5 respectively.

Is it just me, or does that look suspiciously significant?
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Yeah, it's been a while (OK, a whole week) since I posted. Or did anything online at all. This is not, as my last entry might suggest, because I was in catatonic shock over the last Dollhouse episode. Much less exciting.

Actually, I went to work last Monday, dealt with ASTONISHING numbers of new registrations (...I think I hit a personal best... don't ask...), and picked up a gastritis bug that's been making the rounds. Cue, two days of not being able to keep anything down (that was FUN), a trip to the doctor for some meds, and a few more days of feeling like crap. But hey, at least I wasn't chucking up at the mere mention of food any more. And I've probably lost a couple of pounds as well.

Now that all that... unpleasantness... is done, and with today being Cold and Grey and MISERABLE, I've been catching up on my TV. This means (this week anyway) Lost, Leverage and Supernatural (also I'm doing a minimarathon of Criminal Minds, seeing as I have about three weeks' worth of eps to watch).

Spoilers ahead, folks. Also, here be CAPSLOCK in abundance....

Lost 6-01/02 - 'LA X' )

Supernatural 5-13 'The Song Remains the Same' )

Leverage 2-13 'The Future Job' )

And finally, some awesomeness:

Green Day and the cast of the American Idiot musical at the Grammys. I need to see that. SO MUCH. Hmmm. Need to find out when it opens, beg/buy/steal ticket, get to New York. (The bummer is that I won't even have my usual consolation prize of buying the OST and filling in the rest for myself - because the music, I guess, will come mostly from the American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums, Which I've already got. DAMMIT.)


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