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...the episode in which I think these guys just broke my heart a little.

Um. So. Bobby's still in hospital, and still in a wheelchair, and it's still not looking good. Also, Dean got some X-rays done and DUDE, when Castiel put those sigils on him, he was... thorough. Really thorough. Oh and the sigils... they work against ALL angels - including Cas.

Which means that instead of going *poof* and just being wherever they are, Cas has to phone them to find out where they are. For some reason, the idea of Castiel using a cellphone is funny, maybe because I can't picture him with one. ANYWAY. Cas shows up, and we find out that

a) he can't heal Bobby, which is all kinds of NOT GOOD. Apparently, now that he's Rebelled, he's cut off from Heaven and, it would seem, much of Heaven's power, which limits his own abilities.
b) He's on a mission to locate God, and recruit said deity to the fight against Lucifer - which makes sense, I admit. Also, apparently that pendant/amulet thing that Dean wears is some kind of mega-powerful amulet that glows or something when God's nearby, and Cas needs it to find Him, Her or possibly It. Whatever, Castiel now has the amulet and has gone looking for God. Sam and Dean have bigger things to worry about, because Bobby gets a very static-y call from Rufus, another Hunter, and oh look, demon trouble.

Which sends Sam'n'Dean to the town of River Pass, Colorado, which I'm sure would be a great town in any other situation except this one. At first, it looks like the town is overrun by demons, except for a few people in the church basement - who include Ellen Harvelle, btw, whose reaction to seeing the boys is to throw holy water at Dean, slap him and tell him he ought to call more often. Well, OK...

Long story short, there are no demons in River Pass.

What there is, mind you, is War. Literally, War. As in, Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse, War. I was a little disappointed that War was some guy who looked like a salesman, and not a red-haired woman, but the bright red Mustang partly makes up for it.

Also, I'm assuming that the other three are just around the corner... Death, Famine and PollutionPestilence, all presumeably out there causing chaos. But I guess they'll get to that later. This ep, War is... amusing himself by making everyone in the town think that everyone ELSE in the town is possessed. Thus, everyone's trying to kill demons that aren't there, and turning on each other left right and centre while they do it. But they figure it out, and work out that War's controlling them via the ring he's wearing - and Sam breaks his control by cutting off the finger with the ring on it.

There was also a reference to Mount Doom, which was cool. Then (from my POV at least) the shit really hit the fan, because our boys had one of their brutally honest talks, and decided that they'd be better off going their separate ways for a while. I admit that it does make sense - Dean can work better when he doesn't have to constantly worry about Sam, and Sam's not really in good shape to be Hunting right now... but rational as the decision may be, it doesn't feel right. And I can't really explain why not, even to myself.

Also, no Lucifer this week... which I'm not too fussed about. He's probably busy finding a lair, hiring minions, getting himself some nice Armani suits, that sort of thing (because he might as well look good while he's bringing about the Apocalypse). Then again - and here's an intriguing thought - maybe he isn't. Maybe he's doing the same thing as Castiel, and he's gone looking for God. What he said in "Sympathy for the Devil" would certainly back up that theory. Hmm. Guess we'll have to wait and see.


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