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I'm outlining a new story right now, one that's been brewing for a while.

One of my MCs is an archaeologist. Her name's Dr Rivers.

This decision may or may not have been influenced by Doctor Who.

(Dr Rivers/Dr River S... see?)

Not helped by the fact that her description in my notes is "Dr Annie Rivers, badass archaeologist".

I've only got myself to blame.
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I write like
Margaret Atwood

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

...actually kinda pleased with that.

(I need something to cheer me up after what I just heard on the news about the French government voting to ban the burka.)
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You start typing the code for italics automatically, instead of just hitting Ctrl-I.


memo to self: We are finishing the reel_torchwood fics FIRST, and THEN we can start thinking about the Gossip Girl post-apocalyptic AU and the original fic with the monochromatic vampires and the AU Supernatural fic where *everything* monster-, angel- or Apocalypse-related is in the Winchesters' heads.

Reel_torchwood first, dammit!
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I picked up a Firefly prompt at [ profile] comment_fic, and the resulting fic is a) two pages and threatening to be multi-chapter and b) turning into a Fringe crossover.

Also, and I have no idea why, but I've had the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in my head for DAYS, GODSDAMMIT, DAYS.

I haven't watched that show for YEARS. Why now?! GAHHH.

(Um. I have two [ profile] reel_torchwood fics to finish. AHHHH. And new plotbunnies just won't leave me alone. AHHHH.)

Had this idea at work re: Ashes to Ashes. See, the series (and LoM) are kind of irrevocably linked to David Bowie's music for me. So my idea was to basically write a short fic (100 words minimum) per song. I'm calling it Project Bowie, and I have at least two fics planned already. :D


Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:33 pm
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Highschool-AU fanfics are pretty common in fandom, or at least the parts I'm aware of. I've written a couple myself, back when I was just getting started in this crazy thing we call fandom. Since then I've... moved on, to more mature ideas, often philosophical about stuff, and probably a bit pretentious occasionally as well, if I'm being completely honest.

So why, given the fact that I haven't written a highschool AU fic for a few years now, do I suddenly have the urge to write a highschool (well, okay, 1980s-comprehensive-school) AU for Ashes to Ashes, of all things? And apparently, my previously underactive A2A muse thinks that in said AU, Ray and Alex are stepsiblings. I think the reasoning there is based on 3x03...

Well. I guess I could throw some philosophical stuff in...

Gah. Muses.
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1. On a whim, watched the first two episodes of BtVS again tonight. I would say that it reminded me how much I love that show... except that I never forgot... anyway, it was fun.

2. Also, started plotting a BtVS/Supernatural fusion fic that involves the Winchesters at Sunnydale High after I realised that in 1997 (BtVS S1), Dean was 18...

3. I have a new favourite show. (Yes, again...)

Right now, it's Sons of Anarchy, which has bikers and Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman (otherwise known as FREAKING HELLBOY), and is all kinds of awesome.

Also it has a character called Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam). I... might be in love. He's just sort of... beautiful... IDEK, folks. He's just... *sigh*

4. Sons of Anarchy also has some really great music. Really great music.

5. As a direct result of finding SoA, I have concluded that Eliot Spencer/Dean Winchester/Jax Teller would be the most awesome crossover threesome or OT3 or whatever IN HISTORY.

(....fic is being considered...)

6. Caprica is awesome. In general.
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There are lots of fanfiction comms and challenges out there. They are, on the whole, great. But what about original fiction?

This is where Novel_bigbang comes in. Check it out. Sign up as either an author or an artist. (Author sign-ups close in May! Lots of time left!)

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It seems like everyone is doing these. Well, might as well jump on the bandwagon.

2009. What to say about 2009.....

2009 was the year of getting the Big Proper Adult Job, and being pleasantly surprised to find that I was working with a group of really, fantastically awesome (and often HILARIOUS) people that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

2009 was the year of the Film Course, and the year when many films were watched. It was the year I realised that actually, yes, I'm really good at writing essays on aesthetic film theory, Citizen Kane, the Western, and the way socio-political and ethical issues are dealt with in science fiction television.

2009 was the year I watched a lot of really good TV, including some shows that I really wasn't expecting to like so much - Glee and Gossip Girl, I'm looking at you - and made some great LJ friends through them.

(It is also, JUST ABOUT, the year I found Prison Break. <333333)

2009 was the year of Watchmen, and the year of Star Trek, the year of Sherlock Holmes and the year of Inglourious Basterds.

2009 was the year Michael Jackson died. It was also the year Andy Hallett, Brittany Murphy, David Carradine, Patrick Swayze, Natasha Richardson and Farrah Fawcett died.

2009 was the year I started figuring out who I am, and what I want from this life. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I'm getting there.

2009 was the year that [ profile] comment_fic took over my life, and pushed my writing productivity WAY up.

2009 was the year Obama became President of the US. Still waiting for him to save the world. Starting to think he's not going to.

2009 was the year of Children of Earth and of Battlestar Galactica finishing. AKA, the year a lot of TV producers, writers and exec producers broke my heart more than a few times.

Some bad things happened in 2009. A lot of good things happened in 2009.

Here's hoping that the next year, and the next decade, will be even better for all of us.

My resolutions, such as they are, for 2010:

#1. Travel more, while I have the chance. I need to go SOMEWHERE outside Europe, at least.

#2. Keep writing.

#3. Live as healthily as I can.

#4. Try not to let myself get annoyed or angry about things out of my control.
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#1. Went to see Little Sister's highschool play with Mother and Middle Sister. It was Footloose. Apparently, of me, Mother and MS, I was the only one who had actually heard of the movie.

Sometimes I despair of my family. I really, really do.

(It was a good production though. Almost as good as their production of We Will Rock You that they did last year.)

#2. At various points in the aforementioned school play, I found myself imagining that I was watching the cast of Glee onstage instead of LS and a bunch of her classmates.

(I found myself a Finn, Puck, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina and Kurt. It was actually kinda fun.)

#3. Watched this week's Criminal Minds. Went *wibble* a lot. Then started thinking, "hmm, if the BAU team were criminals, what kind would they be?" Then that made me want to write some kind of AU crossover with Leverage, where the Leverage team are the feds and/or profilers and the CM team are the criminals. Somehow that involves Prentiss and Reid as grifting partners. I just... well. Yeah. Also, the idea of Parker as an actual FBI agent (not a fake one, she's been that LOADS of times) is faintly terrifying.
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OK, just saw this film, after... mixed reviews. Personally, I... well, I guess I liked it, even though it scared the living crap out of me, and generally, Japanese horror films are the only thing that does that. I was watching with two different mindsets, sort of, and came up with two quite different reactions.

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(this happens every year, you know. NaNoWriMo starts and suddenly, ALL the plotbunnies go into freaking hyperdrive).


The one that showed up today is... and bear with me on this... The Wizard of Oz, Gossip Girl style, and set... well, at the moment either Queens or Staten Island will be standing in for Oz. (Manhattan/Brooklyn is Kansas, obviously)

I narrowed down the Wizard of Oz cast, too, so we have...

Dorothy......................Jenny (she's the youngest and most innocent-looking... it was her or Eric, which would be... ironic, actually)
The Scarecrow................Nate (pretty but not so good with the smarts)
The Cowardly Lion............Dan (think about it...)
The Tin Man Girl......Blair (it makes sense if you think about it)
The Wizard...................Chuck. (like I'd cast anyone else...)

The Wicked Witch Of The West..... Georgina, duh.

(I'm also considering Serena for the Witch of the East, but then I'd have to metaphorically drop a house on her.... then again, maybe the Duchess would be better...)
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Episodes seen:
- "the ex-files" (WAIT WHAT THE HELL?!),
- "the serena also rises" (Blair, you are being decidedly un-awesome here. stop that RIGHT NOW. Also, yay, Serena grew a spine...)
- "new haven can wait" (Chuck meets the Skull and Bones society. YES, YOU SHOULD BE QUAKING IN YOUR BOOTS.)

ANYWAY. I had some ideas. Fic-based ideas. (honestly, this happens in most of my fandoms... *sigh*)


This one is a Supernatural crossover, and (should it ever get written) should not be taken seriously AT ALL.

Really, just picture this: instead of picking Nick the Random Guy as a vessel, Supernatural!Lucifer chooses....



('Cause of her being evil and all. It's a match made in Hell.)


Not a crossover (unusually for me).. this one would be a future!fic, I guess. Sort of... the characters that we love/hate/drool over (delete as applicable), twenty or twenty-five years into their futures.

Chuck/Blair is a MUST for this one. It might also be a good way for me to get some Nate/Jenny in.


I picked out the names for Chuck and Blair's kids already - twins, a boy and a girl, named Charles Howard Bass and Eleanor Serena Bass. There may also be a subplot that involves Dan and temporarily!reformed!Georgina getting drunk!married in Reno and ending up with a kid of their own, who may or may not be called Carolina.

...yeah, OK, I MAY have thought about this in quite a lot of detail...
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Title: Dancing From Cradle To Dirt
Day/Theme: Sept 9th, Yougottadance. Aslongasthemusicplays. @ [ profile] 31_days
Series: Torchwood/Firefly
Character/Pairing: Jack Harkness, River Tam. Might be a touch of Jack/River in there if you turn sideways and squint.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Jack is the BBC’s, River is Joss’s, this is all very not-for-profit.
A/N: So, apparently, my fics in this comm keep involving Jack and parties. Hmm.. *looks at muse suspiciously* Anyway… this is a bit philosophical and strange. Which I guess isn’t surprising, considering the characters involved.

Also... quick note about timelines. This is set a few years post-Serenity (but no spoilers), and obviously it's post-Children of Earth, too, but no spoilers for that either.

Her hair and dress seemed to float behind her in the breeze as she glanced around with dark eyes that seemed to take in every detail. )


Aug. 20th, 2009 05:59 pm
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Had an idea for Firefly fic today (first time in ages, actually)... I guess someone might have already done this but I'm considering writing a long fic that basically ignores the movie and the comics, and picks up where "Objects in Space" left off.

So, really, it's Firefly Season Two.

It'd be fourteen "episodes" (probably one chapter to an ep), each with its own plot but with a big overarching plot linking it all together. (I've got episode titles already and EVERYTHING)

Also, I'll be... borrowing things from the post-season-one canon (comics and BDM), incorporating them into my Big Overarching Plot. So Miranda will happen, but not necessarily in the same way.

Blue Sun is also going to make an appearance. Don't know how yet, but they will. Heh.
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Soooo... a while back someone mentioned the idea of writing a series of 'fractured fairytale' fanfics. It's an awesome idea, but I forgot it after a while.

At least until a related idea showed up...

it'd be essentially very similar, only this would be taking either the plot in general, or just a particular scene, from a musical and... adjusting it with characters from one of my many, many fandoms.

So far, I've got:

The song "I Know Him So Well" (Chess), with DW/Torchwood. (I can't decide if the song is Jack/Doctor or Jack/Ianto. It might even be both....)

A very specific scene from Les Miserables, with Leverage. My brain has apparently cast Parker as Cosette. So... yeah.

The third idea (so far...) is probably my favourite: The Phantom of the (Genetic) Opera. Basically, Phantom of the Opera, with Repo! characters.

(Pavi is the Phantom, Shilo is Christine, Graverobber is Raoul.)

Now, I just have to find the time to actually *write* these. Heh.
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OK, so... I was watching the new Leverage (2x02) the other day. And it made me think about Eliot a lot.

(I should point out that in my head!canon, Eliot and Lindsey-off-of-Angel are brothers. This is important.)

So now I find myself trying to get my ideas down into written form. And somehow that turned into fic, though I'm not sure where it's going, or of anything, really, except for the fact that it's very definitely an AU.

(Well, there's one thing I don't like about the Angel finale. Guess what, it's what they did with Lindsey.)

So... yeah. Whatever. If something decent comes of this I'll post it somewhere. If not, never mind.
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Table for [ profile] paranormal25.

1.Psychokinesis 2.Adept 3.Pyrokinesis 4.Poltergeist 5.Haunted Prison
6.Banshee 7.Screaming Skull 8.Ghost Lights 9.Oracle 10.Collective Apparition
11.Gray Lady 12.Astral Projection/ OBE 13.Thoughtography 14.Other Haunted Location 15.Fairy Tale
16.Dragon 17.Apport/ Asport 18.Channeling 19.Control/ Spirit Guide 20.Skinwalker
21.Direct Writing 22.Drop-in Communicator 23.Writer's Choice 24.Writer's Choice 25.Writer's Choice
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HOLY CRAP, guys.

This will be in some kind of order... should make sense but forgive me if it doesn't, I am still in shock after all...

Spoilers )
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Prompt table for [ profile] occhallenge

Table #1:

MetalGoldSilverCopperWriter's Choice


Jul. 9th, 2009 08:51 pm
trillianastra: (Default), brain, now is not the time to suggest writing Much Ado About Nothing-Torchwood style with Jack and John as Beatrice and Benedick.

Really, not the time.

(hmm. all my posts this week have been TW-related. Ah well.)


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