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You know, I've decided that Hiro basically has two modes: "hyperactive toddler" and "kicked puppy".

That's pretty much it for his character. And, really, it's getting BORING.

Anyway...Spoilers )


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Spoilers of the OMGMASSIVE variety )

Incidentally, seeing as we're between seasons again.... yep, I have that nagging urge to take the current canonical situation and play the What Happens Next game with some fic. Just like I did after S1 and S2... evidently this is becoming a thing.
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With the recent-ish release of more Watchmen trailers, I've been thinking about it a lot. Also, during my most recent re-read of the graphic novel, I realised something.

Spoilers for 'Watchmen' )

...actually, that could be the basis of an interesting crossover fic....
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Oh, boy.

This was the last Volume Three episode (but not the last of Season Three)... and they certainly ended with a bang.

Spoilers, of the big-time variety )

So... yeah. That was, seriously, a really good episode.
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Now that I've got over the initial shock of this week's ep...


There are spoilers here. This is not a lie, Sylar said so. )

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Somewhat unusually, the "Previously on Heroes" bit this week had... well, pretty much the same effect as last week's episode, really.

Though, if you thought last week was OMGWTF confusing and frakked-up, this week... is even more so. In spades. With Seth Green and Breckin Meyer guest-starring.

BTW, the location changes here are in pretty much the order that they are in the ep. Easier for me that way.

Warning: This episode made me... rather pissed off with Noah Bennet. This was expressed as me, cursing. At him. Just... if you like HRG at all, be prepared.

Not kidding about the Seth Green thing. Spoilers here. )

All in all, I think Claire's assessment of the situation was about right.

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It? It is coming? What is "It"?

"It" doesn't refer to Pennywise the Clown, does it? Wait, no... wrong fandom...

Anyway. New Heroes ep... so, you know, the episode-specific stuff will be a) highly spoilerific and b) behind the cut.

Noah Bennet says if you don't want to be spoiled, don't click this cut )
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After the bleak period last week when there was no Heroes, it's back, with episode Eight, titled "Villains". (What's that? Something about an election last week? Meh... politics...)

Arthur Petrelli says there are Spoilers here. You should listen to him, he's scary. )

I'm now going to go... hyperventilate for a bit, then watch some nice, calming, unstressful, Petrelli-free True Blood.
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After last week, I was... interested(/concerned/anxious) to know what this week's episode would be. As per usual, this is gonna be spoilerific... so all the ep-specific stuff is behind the cut.

Beware, those of ye who have not seen the ep. Here be... SPOILERS! )
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Uh. Well. Erm... this season just keeps getting more complicated with every new episode

Reaction stuff will be spoilerific, so I'll put it behind a cut.

Angels and Monsters, but which is which? )


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