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So... just because I felt like it, I grabbed a few lonely Glee prompts from [ profile] comment_fic. Not sure why, I just had the urge to write Gleefic. Anyway, results are below.

Title: Daydreaming
Characters/Pairing: Finn/Kurt,onesided
Prompt:Unrequited from Kurt's POV - a daydream
Warnings/Spoilers: A bit of angst, mentions of Quinn being pregnant and Rachel/Jesse, but that's it.

Daydreaming )


Title: Movie Night
Characters/Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Prompt:Puck agrees to watch Hairspray if Kurt will watch Fight Club
Warnings/Spoilers: None.

Movie Night )


Title: The Rules
Characters/Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Prompt: breaking the rules without a boy
Warnings/Spoilers: None

The Rules )



What with the fact that Ashes to Ashes is over, and Lost finishes next week, and Flashforward just got cancelled... I'm sort of running out of TV shows that make me go WAAAAIT, WHAT JUST HAPPENED???

Therefore, because I seem to need one or two shows like that for some reason, I've started catching up on Fringe. (I stopped watching after 2x02 for a while... not really sure why at this point but I guess something else caught my attention.)

I just watched three episodes in a row, and I've realised that I might be giving myself some serious Nightmare Fuel by marathoning this. Oh well. It's worth it. Even if I don't sleep too well tonight....

Also, I find myself having highly, highly inappropriate thoughts about Walter Bishop. And I don't know how to stop. DAMMIT.
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Had this thought today...

you know what would be cool?

If someone on Glee sang this:

Personally, and don't ask me why because I'm not exactly sure, I think it ought to be Finn. I'm not particularly musical myself but I'd say he has the right sort of voice for it... but it'd probably work with Kurt too.
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So, I have this routine that I do at the moment for Wednesdays. I watch Lost first, then afterwards I let my brain recover from the confused mush that watching Lost turns it into by watching Glee afterwards.

I kinda needed that this week.

Lost spoilers )

Glee spoilers )


Feb. 28th, 2010 10:29 pm
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I was just syncing the iPod, and my scrobbling thingy kicked in, and I realised something...

Having pretty much every commercially-available song from Glee, multiple albums of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, several Nightwish albums and the OST to Inglourious Basterds is... odd, right? As a combination, I mean...

Oh well. I have eccentric taste. *shrug*

(On the subject of Glee... go here: Awesome awaits.)


Dec. 19th, 2009 06:04 pm
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1. Saw Avatar today. LOVED IT.

(also, kind of wanting to get on the nearest spaceship and head for Pandora right about now)

2. Saw the Sectionals episode of Glee. Am now doing the happy dance of awesomeness, and not *just* because Sue got possibly the best smackdown ever.
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Quinn Fabray...

all is forgiven.



Dec. 16th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Choose 10 characters and answer the questions that follow. No peeking until your list is done!


1. Lloyd Simcoe (FlashForward)
2. Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)
3. Topher Brink (Dollhouse)
4. Martha Jones (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
5. Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
6. Bennett Halverson (Dollhouse)
7. Alice Hamilton (Alice)
8. Kurt Hummel (Glee)
9. Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl)
10. Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

questions )


Dec. 16th, 2009 08:49 pm
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First, most importantly.... I love Glee. I do. Completely.

I just watched the episode with the wheelchairs. I have the following conclusions:

1. Kurt is my favourite now. Oh, yes. Also, I want to give him a hug really, really badly.

2. Kurt has the most awesome dad ever.


4. Girl's song or not, I thought Kurt should have got the solo. Also, a version of Wicked with Kurt and Rachel as Elphaba and Glinda would SO. TOTALLY. ROCK.

5. In a non-Kurt-related note... I'm not liking Quinn. Partly because she's being a cow to Finn, and partly because she has way more chemistry with Puck and oh, wait, it's his freaking kid she's pregnant with. Also, if I was having Puck's kid, and he handed me a wad of cash like that, I wouldn't be a total bitch the way she was.

6. I'm scared. Sue Sylvester is actually HUMAN. Here was me thinking she was a Cylon, or at the very least a Visitor.

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#1. Went to see Little Sister's highschool play with Mother and Middle Sister. It was Footloose. Apparently, of me, Mother and MS, I was the only one who had actually heard of the movie.

Sometimes I despair of my family. I really, really do.

(It was a good production though. Almost as good as their production of We Will Rock You that they did last year.)

#2. At various points in the aforementioned school play, I found myself imagining that I was watching the cast of Glee onstage instead of LS and a bunch of her classmates.

(I found myself a Finn, Puck, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina and Kurt. It was actually kinda fun.)

#3. Watched this week's Criminal Minds. Went *wibble* a lot. Then started thinking, "hmm, if the BAU team were criminals, what kind would they be?" Then that made me want to write some kind of AU crossover with Leverage, where the Leverage team are the feds and/or profilers and the CM team are the criminals. Somehow that involves Prentiss and Reid as grifting partners. I just... well. Yeah. Also, the idea of Parker as an actual FBI agent (not a fake one, she's been that LOADS of times) is faintly terrifying.
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So. I'd heard of Glee, obviously, because it's kind of hard to avoid.

But until recently I'd never actually *watched* it. Until I did. Now it's in my head, and I don't think it's going away...

(and yes, OK, I was partly lured in by KRISTIN CHENOWETH.)

Also, I may be a teeny bit in love with Will. Just a little. (Actually, I don't mind that. At least I have no sort-of-jailbait issues to worry about with him.)

Second point:

Am currently partway through watching part one of SyFy's Alice TV movie. Apparently it's directed by the same dude who did Tin Man, which is good because I liked that.

And Alice is shaping up pretty good, so far. Majorly creepy though.

(Every time a new character pops up, I have to match them to the "original" of that character. And yes, I'm waiting for the chess pieces to show up.)


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