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Yeah, I just watched the last five episodes of Season Two.



1. Jesus!Camp!Georgina is, if anything, EVEN SCARIER than the usual G.

2. Um. I love Dan. This is all.

3. NAAAAAATE! YAY, he was awesome and rebelled against Don Corleonehis grandfather! Woo!

4. For one horrible moment, I thought Jonathan was GG. It was weird. He wasn't even a candidate.

5. Errr... what exactly DID G do to Poppy? Or do I really not want to know? I don't think I want to know, somehow...

6. WOO! RUFUS PROPOSED. FINALLY. (3.05, 3.05, 3.05)

7. 80s!Lily was cool. But I wanted to know what happened with Owen...

8. whoa, whoa, whoa, WTF... Coffee Shop Guy, Scott, the one who was talking to Dan. He's... OMG, he's not the Lost Humphrey-van der Woodsen Baby, is he? I think he is. In which case, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


(Chuck did have so, so many moments of AWESOMENESS in these eps, too. Honestly, if he and Blair weren't soulmates, I'd marry him myself. I would. Really.)

10. Penelope, etc., can go DIAF. On that note, GO JENNY!

And now, because it's now just after 1am, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow: SEASON THREE. *squee*
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Seen: from "chuck in real life" (ep 7) to "gone with the will" (ep 15)

There were so, so many moments that made me go OMGWTFWAIT...

The Big Things, though, are:

1. I do NOT like Uncle Jack. He makes me want to stab things.

2. Presently, I would very much like to rescue Chuck, give him a really big hug, and spirit him away somewhere and look after him.

3. My conviction that Chuck and Blair are soulmates is even stronger than it was before. I think it was the point where the dates they picked for each other for the Snowflake Ball were beta versions of themselves... and the point where the Betas hooked up. Evidently, the universe is dead-set on this relationship happening.

4. And then there's Rufus and Lily. Where to start... well, the Lost Humphrey-van der Woodsen Baby was a surprise, certainly. Then there was the Dan-finding-out part, which got a whole lot more complicated via the addition of GG to the mix... I'm pretty sure having the news published on a website frequented by most of the UES wasn't how Lily wanted her kids to find out (or Rufus, obvs, but he only just found out anyway). Damn you, Nelly Yuki, for being so sneaky and stealing Dan's phone.

(Also not terribly happy with the Adoptive Parents, who totally just told Rufus and Lily that their son was DEAD, just to make them stop trying to make contact. That's harsh, APs.)

5. I am much, much more excited about the new Humphrey-van der Woodsen alliance than I was about the Vanderbass alliance. As I have said before, Rufus and Lily are soulmates. No one - not even Bart - was going to stand in the way of their relationship for long.

Now... onwards, to what I suspect is going to be Blair getting extremely anxious about Yale/college in general...

PS. Dorota is awesome. Nate is still heartstoppingly gorgeous. Jenny... is getting more awesome. Eric is fantastic. Dan is still... wonderful.
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Episodes seen:
- "the ex-files" (WAIT WHAT THE HELL?!),
- "the serena also rises" (Blair, you are being decidedly un-awesome here. stop that RIGHT NOW. Also, yay, Serena grew a spine...)
- "new haven can wait" (Chuck meets the Skull and Bones society. YES, YOU SHOULD BE QUAKING IN YOUR BOOTS.)

ANYWAY. I had some ideas. Fic-based ideas. (honestly, this happens in most of my fandoms... *sigh*)


This one is a Supernatural crossover, and (should it ever get written) should not be taken seriously AT ALL.

Really, just picture this: instead of picking Nick the Random Guy as a vessel, Supernatural!Lucifer chooses....



('Cause of her being evil and all. It's a match made in Hell.)


Not a crossover (unusually for me).. this one would be a future!fic, I guess. Sort of... the characters that we love/hate/drool over (delete as applicable), twenty or twenty-five years into their futures.

Chuck/Blair is a MUST for this one. It might also be a good way for me to get some Nate/Jenny in.


I picked out the names for Chuck and Blair's kids already - twins, a boy and a girl, named Charles Howard Bass and Eleanor Serena Bass. There may also be a subplot that involves Dan and temporarily!reformed!Georgina getting drunk!married in Reno and ending up with a kid of their own, who may or may not be called Carolina.

...yeah, OK, I MAY have thought about this in quite a lot of detail...
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Er... OK, so my reaction to this season so far consists mainly of *FLAIL*, with occasional moments of coherency.

#1. I... wait... 'James'/Marcus... dude. Nice catch, B. Even if you didn't know it at the time. (In hindsight, the cricket jumper should have been a giveaway, really.)

#2. I am so, totally, adopting the word "motherchucker".

#3. NATE! *hugs*

#4., Nate has a sugarmommy. This is NOT going to end well.

#5. Eric has, somehow, become even more awesome than he was in Season One.

#6. WAIT, WHAT THE FRAK... Nate's sugarmommy is the stepmother of Blair's Lord Marcus... I said, not going to end well. Also, kinda creepy.

#7. I think possibly, CeeCee did something NICE, for DAN. Dan, who she's not meant to like. (Is it bad that I automatically think she has an ulterior motive?)

#8. Dan, you player. "A different girl every date", I think it was.

#9. In even more shocking news, CHUCK did something nice. Which got thrown back in his face by Nate, but... well, he tried!

#10. Um.. I think Rufus is having a mid-life crisis. Or WAS, anyway.

#11. My love for Dan continues to grow, even if I think he should try writing something that isn't a thinly veiled autobiography for once.

#12. ...and, yes, Chace Crawford still turns my brain to mush every time I look at him, and I still ship him with practically everyone else. (I was going to say 'except for the parents', but thanks to the Duchess I can't. Dammit.)

#13. The Duchess implied that the Waldorfs were LOWLY. This, surprisingly, makes me want to stab things a bit.

Episodes Seen: "Summer, kind of wonderful" and "Never been marcused".
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*is dead from awesome*

Er, yeah, I maybe watched the last three episodes of Season One last night.

16. "all about my brother":

ERIC!! Can I just say... I kinda love Eric. He's fantastic. (Um, totally called the gay thing, though.) HOWEVER, G's EVIL is now absolutely, 150% definite.

(Slightly disappointed with Lily, but I actually LIKE Lily, so I got over that pretty fast.)

Oh, and Asher?

Yeah, I no longer have any use for Asher. Loser.

17. "woman on the verge":

I... wait... OK, so Serena... wait, no, sorry, the idea of Serena (even bad-times-Serena) killing anyone is just... freaky.

What I love about this ep is that Serena being in trouble is all that's necessary to get Nate, Chuck and Blair in the same room without them trying to kill each other. It's like Blair said - "we're like the non-judgemental Breakfast Club", and they really do know each well and (pretty obviously) they've shared enough experiences that they really do care for each other. And the fact that once they knew about G, there was NO QUESTION of them NOT doing anything about it - that was awesome.

Also: WOO, actual Rufus/Lily. FINALLY (I... could not care less about Bart. Sorry.). And... yeah, still having this issue of needing to put as much space as possible between Dan and G.

Preferably, most of the universe. But I'll settle for most of America.

18. "Much 'I Do' About Nothing":

a) Chuck's best man speech made me go AWWWWWW. Because we all know who he was talking to really...

b) Blair (and Dan) delivering Georgina-smackdown was EPIC. This is all.

c) NATE. I felt so bad for him when the Captain was meeting Dodgy Guy... but the punch was good. I LIKED the punch. (Also, Nate seems to have a pretty good right hook. Hm.)

d) UM. So, at the end, when Blair's expecting to head to Tuscany with Chuck and he ditches her for Random Girl...

Well, it wasn't exactly unexpected, was it? This is CHUCK BASS, after all. And as awesome as Chuck/Blair is, and as meant-for-each-other as they are... it wouldn't be any FUN if them getting to an actual RELATIONSHIP was EASY, would it?

Random Thoughts:

1. Er. Much as I like Serena, and I LOVE Dan, and I think they're great together...

I think I'm more attached to Rufus/Lily than I am to Serena/Dan. Maybe because only one of those has been twenty years in the making and has (....sort of) survived five marriages (four of Lily's, one of Rufus') and four children.

Also, Rufus and Lily did sleep together the night before she married Bart, and right before the ceremony she did tell Rufus she loved him. Thus, obviously they're soulmates. Serena and Dan aren't old enough to know who their soulmates are yet.

2. Kind of... by accident... Nate has maybe become my fandom bicycle for GG.
HE'S JUST SO PRETTY. Just in S1, I've shipped him with virtually everyone else - Jenny, Vanessa, Serena, Chuck, Dan, (kinda) Blair... there was even a twenty-second period when Nate/Georgina popped into my head, but then I reminded myself that she is EVIL and does not deserve him.

(For the record, Nate/Jenny is my perfect-world favourite, Nate/Vanessa is my practical-favourite, and Nate/Chuck... well, if THAT ever happens (*cough*3x06*cough*), it'd be like Christmas for me. That, or the world would implode.)


Now... on to SEASON TWO.
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"the blair bitch project", in which Blair was GLORIOUS and regained her rightful place as Queen B and RULER OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

(Sorry, Jenny. It's not your time yet, padawan.)


"desperately seeking serena", which is...

Well. OK, so Serena's getting all these random deliveries - porn, handcuffs, champagne, and cocaine. She thinks it's Chuck, trying to make her life difficult. (And, honestly, I got very defensive of Chuck this episode. There are SOME things that even he wouldn't do... also, Chuck taking the big brother role for Eric was ADORABLE. Even if the idea of Eric being miniChuck is slightly worrying....)

ANYWAY. The surprise deliveries aren't from Chuck.

They're from the living incarnation of upper-east-side EVIL herself...


Now, the reason I've taken such a dislike to G is not that she's blatantly trying to derail Serena's new life...

it's the fact the she's showing way, way more interest in Dan than I would like her to. In fact, I'd be happier if she could stay at least a full state away from Dan at all times, but it looks like I'm not going to be that lucky, dammit.

...I'll just be over here with my G.S. voodoo doll.

(to think, a few years back, I would never have this level of hatred for a Michelle Tractenberg character. That might be because I only knew her as Dawn Summers. And honestly, I'll take Dawn over G.S. ANY DAY.)

PS. Asher? HOT.
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OK, so, with my newfound love of/addiction to Gossip Girl, I've been doing a little discreet IMDb-ing of certain cast members.

(Also, I heard that Ed Westwick was British and had to verify it for myself. He is, you know. He's also one year, one month and fifteen days younger than me. Random facts are FUN.)

ANYWAY. His filmography is... surprising, some British medical dramas and other stuff.




(Just take a moment to picture that. It's WEIRD. But strangely, kinda cool. Also, Gemma Arterton as Cathy should be.... interesting.)

RELATED NOTE: In my quest to catch up on 2 seasons of GG so I can start on the new episodes, I've now seen "School Lies" (AWWWWW, NATE!) and "A thin line between Chuck and Nate" (BLAIR).

Basically, nothing's exactly changed. Still in love with Dan. Still think Chuck is, like, God or someone. Still convinced that Blair rules the universe ('s a SETBACK, OK, that's IT). Still dumbfounded by how gorgeous Chace Crawford is.

Oh, one new development. Well, I'm kinda shipping Rufus/Lily so much that every time they ALMOST get back together, and every time something of a Vanderbass nature happens, I keep repeating "3.05, 3.05, 3.05" to myself.

I THINK YOU KNOW WHY. Until I get to that episode, though, I'll just sit back and enjoy how much Serena really, really dislikes having Chuck as a stepbrother.

(edit: random Eastwick icon is there because.. I have no GG icons yet, and also, to remind me that there's new Eastwick to watch.)
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Well, I've acquired (via the local DVD store), the boxset of GG Season 1, and I've seen the first eight episodes now.


(Brain? what brain? I used to have one of those... but Gossip Girl ate it.)


1. Am utterly in love with Dan at this point.

2. fact, I'm kind of a fan of the Humphreys in general. (Except for Allison.) Incidentally... yeah, Rufus is kinda hot too. Oops.

3. In the space of just eight episodes, I think I'm a diehard Rufus/Lily shipper....

4. Blair Waldorf is either the ruler of the universe, or is going to be the ruler of the universe. For serious. If she gets a white cat and a really big swivel chair in the future, THAT WILL BE WHY. Her lair/centre of power would probably be in some ski resort. Or Paris, maybe.

5. I'm not a Nate/Blair fan. Mostly because a) I'm not a fan of people being forced into relationships to make business relations between their parents easier in general, b) they don't seem to 'click' terribly well, c) ...I think Nate/Jenny is cuter/more awesome (er...), d) well, Nate slept with Blair's best friend, Blair slept with Nate's best friend, and they haven't slept with each other. That might be indicative of a problem...

and of course there's the most important reason of all, which is that Chuck is so obviously in love with Blair, and yes, I ship the hell out of it.

6. Chuck is... um... well... he's Chuck Bass.

7. Currently, I would quite like to hug Nate. For parent- and Blair- related reasons, mostly. Also, damn that boy is gorgeous.


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