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Title: Agapeton
Author: trillianastra
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Castiel, Belial, mention of Sam and Dean. Referenced Belial/Lucifer, hinted Castiel/Belial
Claim: Castiel
Theme: 11 – He Said, She Said -
Prompt(s): 13. The stain of love is upon the world
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW, Angel Sanctuary to Kaori Yuki, no infringement of copyright intended.
Summary: Castiel reflects on what he has learnt since coming to Earth.
Warnings/Author Notes: Angel Sanctuary crossover, because things get that much more interesting when you combine these two worlds. And, my first [ profile] spn_30snapshots fic!

Also, agapeton means "beloved" or "well-loved" in Greek.

Castiel walks the streets of human cities, and he sees discord – two drunks fighting outside a bar, a woman screaming at a man as he walks away, a child crying and unheard by its mother. And next to this suffering, he sees tenderness, and kindness, and he starts to think about something he was told long ago.

“Why do you do this, sister? Why do you remain so devoted to him?”

Belial looks at him curiously. “Oh, little brother, you were always one of my favourites. So earnest, so honest. Did you know that none of the others have asked me that question?”

“I… I did not know that.”

“They don’t care, you see. They
loved me, back then, because they were told to, but none of them cared. You’re different, though, sweet little Castiel. You ask questions. You care. One day that’s going to get you in trouble.”

“I do as I am ordered. I am a faithful servant of the Father.”

She smiled wickedly. “I’m sure you are. One day you’ll see, and you’ll understand that the way they run things up there isn’t necessarily the way it has to be.”

Castiel looks at the humans around him, and thinks about the words that his fallen sister had said to him. He thinks about the humans he has met, who treat him kindly despite all that they have endured at the hands of his fellow angels. They have every reason to hate his kind, but they don’t. Dean teaches him how to live as a human, about cell phones and alcohol and rock music. When they thought they were going to die, he brought Castiel to a whorehouse, and Castiel knows that Dean did this because he cares. And Sam, so polluted with demon blood that Castiel can barely stand to be around him, treats him as a friend and is kind to him even so.
The angels who remain in Heaven, Castiel knows, think of Earth as a dirty, sinful place. They do not see, and do not understand, the beauty that he has discovered there. They are content to love the Father as dictated, and to them the Earthly idea of love is but a stain on God’s creation.

Castiel thinks that they are fools. He has never had friends before, but now he does, and knows that he cannot go back to how he used to live.

“You were right, sister,” he says to the air, “I understand now.”


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