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[personal profile] trillianastra which Dean proves that yes, he's actually very smart.

First, I just have to say that Castiel and his cellphone are quite sort of hilarious, really. I think the line "the voice says I'm almost out of minutes" may have something to do with this.

ANYWAY, down to business. So, Dean arrives at Random Motel of the Week, Castiel calls him to find out where he is, and Dean's like "yeah, I need sleep, can we do this later", understandably, because he's only human. Cas is all :-(, and something tells me he spent all night standing forlornly on the side of that road.

Dean still doesn't get much sleep, though, because Sam calls him ( 4:30 am), and says he wants back in on the Hunting thing. Dean really did have good reasons for turning him down, but... well, that comes later. After he's finished on the phone, our least-favourite angel, Zachariah, zaps Dean... five years into the future, to August 1st 2014. Without telling him first.

(He did, at least, tell Dean the idea AFTERWARDS.)

The future, now... is kind of... messed up. As in, full-on global catastrophe, messed up. Some running-and-hiding-and-looking-around later, Dean realises that the Croatoan Virus (it cropped up in S2) has been released. Basically it's a demon virus that zombifies people. So, most of the planet is now dead, except for a small band of survivors that consists of Chuck, Cas, some randoms, and... Dean. Only 2014!Dean is... less trusting, more authoritative, scarier, and has fewer morals. It soon becomes apparent that 2014!Dean has no qualms about torturing people for information, for an example. 2014!Dean also shares the news that, about three years previously, Sam said 'yes' to Lucifer, and we all know what that means....

2014!Cas, though, is... well, he's different. Not an angel, for starters (apparently the other angels left, and since then he lost his angelmojo). Also, he's a drugged-up guru type guy who apparently has regular orgies. So... yeah. Um.

Things progress, there's much fighting between 2009!Dean and 2014!Dean (and much pronoun confusion), and 2014!Dean returns from a mission with The Colt, and the intention of killing Lucifer with it.

That... doesn't go so well. The plan, pretty much, is for everyone but the Deans (i.e. Cas and the randoms) to be a diversion, while the Deans get into Lucifer's base. 2009!Dean isn't too happy about that... not that he's able to stop it, because 2014!Dean just knocks him out. By the time 2009!Dean comes to, there are gunshots inside the base, and it pretty much looks like the others are dead. While he's looking around, 2009!Dean finds himself in what looks like it used to be a rose garden, where we see 2014!Dean on the ground, being killed by someone in a very smart, all-white outfit.

Yep, it's Lucifer!Sam.

...and Lucifer!Sam is... actually kinda awesome. We get a repeat of the "do you know why I Fell?" story that Nick got in 5x01, and Dean gets oh, so very defiant (it is what he does best after all). But Lucifer... knows that Dean can't kill Sam, and that he can't say Yes to Michael, and also apparently knows that Dean's from 2009. He says that, no matter what Dean changes back in the present, they're still going to end up in that rose garden in 2014.

Then Dean gets yanked back by Zachariah, who fully expects him to say yes. Dean... has other ideas, one of which is that the whole experience might have been an angel trick to get him to consent. Zach is... not exactly happy, but isn't able to do anything because Castiel yanks Dean out of the motel room, saying "we had an appointment", and y'know, I think he really was standing by that road all night...

Now that he's momentarily safe from Zach, Dean makes a call to Sam... and the next morning they're back together. And... I'm glad. Yeah, they're stronger apart. Yeah, when they're together they'll always be giving the bad guys leverage over them.

But they need to stick together, to keep each other human and grounded and focused. (I think, especially, this applies to Sam.)

Oh, and one other thing... you know how Zach found Dean? The angels contacted some of the... stranger religious groups, circulated Dean's picture and told them to look out for him. So, um, the boys should probably keep away from Jehovah's Witnesses...
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