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...first episode with our boys separate, folks.

OK, so... since parting with Dean last week, Sam's been doing a little hitchhiking, and ends up in some random small town in Oklahoma, where he finds himself a job in a bar, calls himself "Keith" (UGH), burns his fake IDs and meets some girl called Lindsay.

Then... he notices some omens (hail and fire), and calls Bobby, who calls some other Hunters in the area (grudgingly, because ohhh, Bobby knows about the Split and he doesn't seem happy about it). The other Hunters show up, almost blow Sam's cover, and then go demon-hunting... but it doesn't end well. One of them gets killed, and the demon tells them all about Sam, and how he broke the Final Seal and all...

The remaining Random Hunters, hearing this, head back to the bar and use Lindsay to threaten Sam into drinking demon blood and starting to Hunt again. They do manage to force the blood down his throat, but he also totally kicks their asses.

Sam's big moment is afterwards, though. See, Sam's been seeing Jess. Yep, Dead Girlfriend Jess. And she's been telling him... interesting things, like how it's never going to get better for him, that sort of thing. And Sam gets all misty-eyed, saying how much he misses her, etcetera.

Except that, um, it's not Jess. It's Lucifer, showing up as a vision-y sort of thing. And the gist of what he has to say is...

Nick, that unfortunate fellow from 5x01, isn't Lucifer's true vessel. He's just a stand-in, you see. He can barely contain Lu without spontaneously combusting, it would seem (at least, that's what Lu said). Because Lucifer's real Vessel... is none other than our own Sam Winchester.

Now, this is freaking me out a bit, because after I saw 5x01 a couple weeks ago, I thought that seeing as Dean is Michael's Vessel, it would be kinda awesome and poetic and whatever if Sam was Lucifer's... mostly because, in angel hierarchy, Michael and Lucifer are the highes you can get without actually being God, and (before Lu's Fall, at least), they were pretty much like brothers. So, in a convoluted kind of way, it makes sense. Ish.

(Oh... random fact... another name for (pre-Fall) Lucifer is Samael. Food for thought...)

So, while Sam's having his world messed up just that little bit more, Dean... is actually having a pretty good time, relatively speaking. He does some solo Hunting, takes out a vampire (...I think he called it 'Twilight'. I LOL'd)... and then Castiel shows up. Apparently, he knew where to find Dean because Bobby told him. Anyway, Cas needs Dean's help to capture Raphael - the Archangel who was guarding Chuck, who Cas thinks will know where God is. Fair enough, really. So the plan involves Raphael's recently-vacated Vessel, as bait, and some special oil from Jerusalem (which, once set on fire, kills any angel that crosses it...), and this ends with Raphael trapped, in some random house, and getting more pissed by the moment.

Unfortunately.. it is Raphael's opinion that God is dead, or otherwise why'd He let the 20th century happen the way it did, etc. It would seem that Raphael is on the same side as Zachariah in this. Actually, it's interesting that Zach's side seem to see it as Lucifer v. Them, with everyone aligned with one or the other. Personally, I think that view is... naive, and frankly just plain wrong. I can see at least four sides in this showdown: Lucifer, Zach (and his minion!angels), the as-yet-unseen faction consisting of Michael, whoever's with him (and possibly God), and the fourth faction, which as of now is basically Dean and Castiel.

The best, and most hilarious, part of this episode, though, is right before Raphael gets captured.... because a) we find out that Cas is a virgin, and b) Dean takes it upon himself to make sure that, should Cas not survive the attempt to capture Raphael, he's at least not going to die a virgin.

The words "den of inquity" were used, and there was a hooker called Chastity. Also, the look of abject terror on Cas's face was priceless, so props to Misha Collins there.

(Also, I have learnt that asking Cas to impersonate an FBI agent is a bad idea. He's good at the angel stuff, and the smiting, and the showing-up-at-the-last-possible-minute, but he apparently can't lie.)

Something else that got shoved in our faces a bit this week... the problem of Daddy Issues.

Let's sum up, shall we:

Dean has Daddy Issues.
Sam has MAJOR Daddy Issues.
Castiel has Daddy - uh, Father - Issues.
Apparently, so does EVERY OTHER FREAKING ANGEL ON THE SHOW, Lucifer included.
Even the hookers that Dean took Cas to meet have daddy issues!

Specifically, it would seem that Absent Fathers are a particular problem. John, for Sam and Dean, God for the many angels. I'm fairly sure this means something, but I'm not quite sure what. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

I don't buy this "God's dead" thing, btw. Trapped in a coma patient in a New Jersey hospital, maybe. Weakened and overpowered by the Metatron, I could buy that. Actively hiding out somewhere on Earth, even that makes sense. But just plain old dead isn't working for me, sorry.

Oh... and Castiel is even more badass now that he's officially rebelled, you know. For serious.


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