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Title: Someone Order A Kissogram?
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond/DI Lestrade.
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Prompt: Amy Pond/Lestrade, he tells her that she doesn't have to kiss him but that's her job (and besides, she wants to) (at comment_fic)
Summary: Someone hires Amy as a 'kissogram' for Lestrade. Lestrade has a crisis of conscience and Amy has a talk with him.


fic under here )

Rec time

Sep. 5th, 2010 08:44 pm
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So, um..

I just finished reading what may, actually, be the most incredible piece of fanfic ever.

The Baker Street Record

It's Sherlock Holmes/House of Leaves. And it's phenomenal.

So yeah. Go read that, when you get a minute.
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Title: A Study in Grey
Fandom: Sherlock (2010)
Characters: Moriarty, Lestrade.
Spoilers: none
Warnings: there's a dead body.
Summary: After getting invalided out of the army, Jim Moriarty goes to work at MI5. Then what seems to be a dead-end assignment puts him on the path of Sherlock Holmes, who may or may not be a murderer. (Loosely - very loosely - based on A Study in Pink)
A/N: Er. So, this is... greatly, greatly inspired by Neil Gaiman's short story "A Study in Emerald". If you haven't read it, you should. It's awesome, and much better than this. (Also, more Lovecraftian, but I won't spoil you.)
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes, Jim Moriarty and Lestrade are (originally) created by Arthur Conan-Doyle. These versions are the creations of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.


A Study in Grey )
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Title: Triangles
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC, 2010)
Characters/Pairings: Jim Moriarty/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 807
Disclaimer: The new series belongs to Messrs. Moffat and Gatiss. Characters are the creation of Arthur Conan Doyle. No profit being made, no copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Everyone warned John to stay away from Sherlock, saying he was dangerous to be around. Then Jim Moriarty showed up, and it all got a bit more complicated...

It wasn't so bad, actually, once you got past the kidnappings and the bombs and having every police detective in London assume you're gay. )
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Yeah, I haven't been around for the last few days. Christmas and stuff, y'know?

ANYWAY. Said festive occasion proved most satisfactory for me, because when the parents asked what I wanted, I basically gave them a list of books and pointed them in the direction of Amazon. Thus, I got seven of the nine books I asked for, plus other things from the rest of the family.

More importantly, at this point, is my present to myself: a complete seasons-one-through-four boxset of Prison Break that I found in the DVD/music/stuff store marked down to a quarter of the original price. This is the OTHER reason I haven't been online the last few days - I've been marathoning Prison Break. As of last night I've seen everything up to and including 2x04, and I'm seriously addicted (and, okay, so maybe I have a bit of a crush on Lincoln.... maybe).

Also, William Fichtner just showed up as this FBI guy, and I quite like his character too. He's interesting. And has a secret stash of currently unidentified pills hidden in a pen, something that I would quite like to know more about.

Oh, and does anyone know why, exactly, Michael and Lincoln have different last names? I thought they might be half-brothers, but it looks like they have the same mum and the same dad, so... anyone? Explanation? (not if it's spoilery though. NO SPOILERS.)

PS. T-Bag is haunting my brain. *sigh* Always, it has to be the psychos...

PPS. Saw "The End of Time". Went *wibble*. Currently waiting patiently for Part 2 so I can find out exactly how much pain I need to inflict on RTD.

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Went to the cinema today, seeing Blood: the last vampire. More on that later.

The trailers beforehand were for Public Enemies (new Johnny Depp movie), Sherlock Holmes (new Robert Downey Jnr movie) and Inglourious Basterds (new Quentin Tarantino, no the name is not misspelled). So, basically, just those three trailers alone were worth the £5 I paid for the ticket.

a) I think Johnny Depp is actually getting more attractive as he gets older.
b) HOLY SHIT that Sherlock Holmes movie looks awesome.
c) Inglourious Basterds is making me go *squee* a lot. Looks AWESOME.

The movie I actually WENT to see was good too. It's an adaptation of some manga that I only heard of today, but it works well as a movie too. I think the fact that none of the actors were big names probably helped - I'm serious, I didn't recognise a single person. Also it's a whole new vampire-based fandom for me to play with.

And yes, there are crossovers brewing. Dammit.


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