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Saw Iron Man 2 yesterday.


Also, um... okay, I *may* have bitched a little about Rhodey getting recast as Don Cheadle and about Scarlett Johansson being Natasha Romanoff.

I TAKE IT ALL BACK. So, um, sorry about that...

ALSO: teeny spoiler )


Um. I watch a lot of HBO shows. Until recently, HBO was great.

Not now.

NOW, HBO HAS TRANSCENDED "GREAT". It's really that good. It's so good that the word 'good' is now totally inadequate, and I don't know what word to use instead.

I say this because I just discovered The Wire. And, um. Yeah. <33333333333
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Okay, Desmond episode, so yay there. And, true to Desmond-episode type, this is beaucoup de surreal with all the cross-reality references and visions and such.

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Um, you know in the Doctor Who episode "Journey's End"?

Well, this might be just because I was just watching Dollhouse, but it occurred to me that the memory-wiping thing that the Doctor did to stop Donna's brain from going *asplode* was... kind of similar to the way Actives get wiped. Not in the method, obviously... but in the effect on the brain, if that makes sense.

It just makes me wonder, because Dollhouse is at the point where certain Actives (or one in particular, anyway) are retaining memories *after* being wiped. But then, none of them were involved in any metacrises.

I don't know. It's too late for this kind of thinking, I'm going to bed.

(PS. It's bad that I think Alpha's kinda hot, right? That's got to be a bad thing...)
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So I just found this X-Files quote I really like:

Mulder: You know, they say when you talk to God it's prayer, but when God talks to you, it's schizophrenia.

And it occurs to me... if there is a God (big If, that one), presumeably He/She/It hears voices all the time, from all the humans praying to Him/Her/It.

Now, people who hear voices are generally thought to be crazy, right? So if we follow this to its natural conclusion...

...maybe God (if He/She/It exists) is a schizophrenic. Thinking about it, that would explain a lot...


Aug. 15th, 2009 06:36 pm
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OK, so I saw The Time-traveler's Wife yesterday.

It was good.

(Then again, any film with that much Naked!Eric Bana is FINE by me... er...)


Being scientifically-minded, I got to thinking about Henry and Alba and the timetraveling thing. And now I've decided that, basically, Henry's traveling is the beginning of a new stage of human evolution, into... idk, X-men mutants or whatever.

Think about it - Henry can timetravel, but can't control it at all. Alba can timetravel, but has a degree of control over it. Anyone want to bet that Alba's hypothetical future child will have an even greater amount of control?

BSG Idea

May. 7th, 2009 10:26 pm
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So I have this idea. It's... vaguely spoilery if you haven't seen all of S4.

It's behind here, folks )

Now I've got that bit of crazy out, I'm off to watch Lost, which will no doubt put a whole load of NEW crazy theories in my head.


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