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1. "Reverse the jelly baby of the neutron flow!"*

2. Paget Brewster is back on Criminal Minds, YAY.

*If you didn't watch "The Almost People", you won't get that.
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Yeah, it's been a while (OK, a whole week) since I posted. Or did anything online at all. This is not, as my last entry might suggest, because I was in catatonic shock over the last Dollhouse episode. Much less exciting.

Actually, I went to work last Monday, dealt with ASTONISHING numbers of new registrations (...I think I hit a personal best... don't ask...), and picked up a gastritis bug that's been making the rounds. Cue, two days of not being able to keep anything down (that was FUN), a trip to the doctor for some meds, and a few more days of feeling like crap. But hey, at least I wasn't chucking up at the mere mention of food any more. And I've probably lost a couple of pounds as well.

Now that all that... unpleasantness... is done, and with today being Cold and Grey and MISERABLE, I've been catching up on my TV. This means (this week anyway) Lost, Leverage and Supernatural (also I'm doing a minimarathon of Criminal Minds, seeing as I have about three weeks' worth of eps to watch).

Spoilers ahead, folks. Also, here be CAPSLOCK in abundance....

Lost 6-01/02 - 'LA X' )

Supernatural 5-13 'The Song Remains the Same' )

Leverage 2-13 'The Future Job' )

And finally, some awesomeness:

Green Day and the cast of the American Idiot musical at the Grammys. I need to see that. SO MUCH. Hmmm. Need to find out when it opens, beg/buy/steal ticket, get to New York. (The bummer is that I won't even have my usual consolation prize of buying the OST and filling in the rest for myself - because the music, I guess, will come mostly from the American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums, Which I've already got. DAMMIT.)
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#1. Went to see Little Sister's highschool play with Mother and Middle Sister. It was Footloose. Apparently, of me, Mother and MS, I was the only one who had actually heard of the movie.

Sometimes I despair of my family. I really, really do.

(It was a good production though. Almost as good as their production of We Will Rock You that they did last year.)

#2. At various points in the aforementioned school play, I found myself imagining that I was watching the cast of Glee onstage instead of LS and a bunch of her classmates.

(I found myself a Finn, Puck, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina and Kurt. It was actually kinda fun.)

#3. Watched this week's Criminal Minds. Went *wibble* a lot. Then started thinking, "hmm, if the BAU team were criminals, what kind would they be?" Then that made me want to write some kind of AU crossover with Leverage, where the Leverage team are the feds and/or profilers and the CM team are the criminals. Somehow that involves Prentiss and Reid as grifting partners. I just... well. Yeah. Also, the idea of Parker as an actual FBI agent (not a fake one, she's been that LOADS of times) is faintly terrifying.
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OK, just saw this film, after... mixed reviews. Personally, I... well, I guess I liked it, even though it scared the living crap out of me, and generally, Japanese horror films are the only thing that does that. I was watching with two different mindsets, sort of, and came up with two quite different reactions.

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This is totally silly, and completely irrelevant, but I was watching my comfort-show (Criminal Minds... yeah, that's my comfort show...), and it transpires that Reid, who knows... lots of stuff and has three PhDs and an eidetic memory and can read really, really fast...


This makes me irrationally happy...

(My second favourite Totally Irrelevant Thing We Know About The Team Now is that, apparently, Hotch's favourite album is the Beatles' White Album. Which is good, because yay, he has good taste in music.)

[Disclaimer: Yes, I'm crazy. I know.]
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OK, so my head's kinda *bleurgh* this evening because I spent all day revising for my Film History exam on Tuesday. Thus, I now know waaaaay more about the history of the western and German cinema from 1945-the 1980s that I ever thought I'd need to know.

So... I decided to recharge the brain batteries with some TV. Fair enough.

Thursday is my Criminal Minds day, so that was first. Awesome as usual, and oh deities, if I could stop being obsessed with Hotch right now, that'd be good.

Next up was Eastwick. Which I love too much for words. Also, HOLY SHIT DID WHAT I THINK HAPPENED ACTUALLY JUST HAPPEN? WEIRD, man. Also... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, WILL. (OK, so I sort of really, majorly identify with Joanna. Except for the no-inner-editor thing and the verbal diarrhoea and the got-left-at-the-altar thing. Everything else, though... scarily similar to me. So I get... frustrated. About Will-related issues.)

Also, would be nice if Darryl van freaking Horne could stop haunting my dreams/daydreams/etc. Seriously, I used to be able to think about, y'know, guys other than him. Not so easy now.

And finally, (and this is all [ profile] bradeatspeeps's fault)... Gossip Girl. Prior to today, I'd seen all of... two episodes, mostly down to curiosity. But I've been told it's really good, so I gave it another chance.


I think (at the moment, give me time here people), that my favourite is Dan. He's adorkable, basically.

But Nate seems cool too (on top of being gorgeous) and a certain Mr C. Bass might be sneaking his way into my world... dammit. Also, Serena's brother is awesome.


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