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Les Miserables
Reincarnation!fic, for the Anon Kink Meme (
Summary: There's a hot new singer taking the charts by storm, and Marius is convinced that he knows her.

“…and the rain won’t hurt me now…”
Marius looked up suddenly when he heard what was playing on the tiny radio that Courfeyrac had placed on their shared desk. The song seemed… familiar. He listened to the words and was shocked when they stirred a memory. Someone lying in his arms. Someone<i> dying</i> in his arms, a girl, the same girl he’d been dreaming about for years.
He shook his head quickly, and heard the radio DJ say “…and that was ‘Rainfall’, the new single from Talia, whose platinum-selling album ‘Apollo’ is available to buy and download now…” Marius scribbed the name Talia on a scrap of paper, got up from his chair and reached for his coat.
Courfeyrac  looked up from his work. “Where are you going?”
“I have to go and buy a CD.”
“O…kay,” Courfeyrac said sceptically, “do you want to tell me what this is about?”
Marius grinned. “My soulmate!” he said as he ran out of the door.
Marius found a copy of Talia’s CD, took it home and immediately started listening. He played every song three times over, read the lyrics to every verse. He turned on his computer and searched for interviews she had done.
One interview in particular caught his attention.
“…so, Talia, there are so many love songs on this album… is it dedicated to anyone special?”
“Well,” she started with a laugh, “you could say that. I recorded this album for the man of my dreams. I’ve been dreaming about him for as long as I can remember.”
“Oh, a mystery man, how interesting,” the interviewer said.”  On the video, Talia laughed and shook her dark curls and changed the subject. Marius paused the video. He was sure.
He had been dreaming of his girl all his life. She had been dreaming of her mystery man all her life. He smiled to himself, sure that he had found her.
The problem was, she was a musical megastar, and he was a junior clerk in a law firm. How was he going to get near her?
Marius broke away from the other music fans as they exited the concert hall. When he saw a sign that said “Backstage”, he looked around surreptitiously and slipped inside. Backstage turned out to be a long corridor with several doors leading off.
He wandered along, looking at the signs on the doors until he found one that said ‘Talia’.
It also said ‘Private: no admittance’. But Marius took a deep breath, reminding himself that this girl was his soulmate, and knocked on the door.
“Come in!” came a voice.
He opened the door. “Talia?”
“Yeah,” she said, and he realised that she was even more beautiful in person than on TV, “who are you?”
“I.. I was at the show, you were amazing.”
“Thanks, mate.”
“…and… I wanted to ask. About ‘Rainfall’….”
“What about it?”
“It sounds like something I’ve heard before. I think you said it to me.”
“I’ve never met you before.”
“I’ve been dreaming about this girl. I think she might be you. You said… the album was for your dream man, didn’t you?”
“Yeah,” Talia said, “but you’re not him.”
Marius stared at her. “Wha-“
“You’ve heard the whole thing, right?” He nodded. “Yeah. Did you listen to ‘Sunrise’?”
“I…. yes…”
“That song makes it clear that He has blond hair. He looks like an angel, or a god, why do you think I called the album ‘Apollo’? You’re not Him. You’re not even close to being Him.”
She grinned at him, picked up a beer, and drank from it. “No hard feelings, though. And… that stuff about your dreams, that’s interesting.” She reached for a pen and scribbled a number on a napkin. Then she handed it to him. “My private number. Call me, if you remember anything else. Now I suggest you go, before security finds you.”
The door crashed open.
Talia winced. “Too late,” she mouthed at Marius. To the new arrival, she said, “Hey, great show tonight, don’t you think, Cos?”
“It was great, as usual. Who’s this?”
“He’s a fan. Mate, this is Cosette, my star manager and also my baby sister. Don’t mess with her.”
Marius turned to look at her, and froze, gaping at her. Suddenly he remembered. Everything came flooding back. He swallowed, and tried to speak, but nothing came out.
Talia drank some more of her beer and said, “Do you two know each other?”
Marius stammered out, “I.. I think…”
“…we were married,” Cosette finished his sentence, incredulously.
Talia looked at them. “Right. I’m going to need a few more drinks if this is going to make sense…”
Without really knowing what he was doing, Marius said, “Grantaire, have you ever done anything without needing a few more drinks?”. He turned and looked at her in surprise. “Grantaire?”
She raised her bottle to him in a mock toast. “Hey.”
“You’re a… and the album is for…”
“Well, yes, I’m a girl, and yes, the album is for Him. For Enjolras.”
Marius blushed. “I am so sorry for earlier.”
She shrugged. “S’okay, you didn’t remember.”
“We need to find Enjolras.”
She grinned. “I like that plan.”
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