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Title: Game Changers (Part 1/?)
Fandoms: X-Men First Class/Game of Thrones.
Characters: Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Moira MacTaggart, Raven Darkholme, Erik Lehnsherr, Alex Summers, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost.
Rating: G
Spoilers: for season 1 of GoT, none for X-men
Disclaimer: so not mine it's not even funny.
Summary: written for an anon prompter at the First Class kinkmeme, who asked for the X-Men characters in the Game of Thrones world. Hence... this.



Hank rubbed absentmindedly at his neck, still unused to the maester’s chain that hung there, and looked up to see his destination, Westchester Hall, looming large. This was his first posting as Maester, and part of him wished he was back at the Citadel. But it was too late for that, the Citadel was hundreds of leagues away. Lord Xavier was an intelligent young man, he had been told, and learning was valued in the house. He had heard good things of Lord Xavier’s library, in particular.

He spent the short ride up to the gates of the Hall preparing himself, and soon he was standing next to his horse and looking around for one of the family.


Hank heard a voice and turned to see a young woman. “Y-yes,” he said. “Maester Henry is my name, though I am often called Hank. Are you Lady Xavier?”

The woman laughed softly. “In a way. I’m Moira, Lord Charles is my cousin. I manage the house for him, ever since the accident. You were told about that, weren’t you?”

“There was a riding accident, Lord Charles was crippled, was he not?”

“Yes. Maester Iosif concocted many potions to help him… he was able to take away much of the pain, but Charles remains bedridden.”

“Perhaps I will be able to help further,” Hank said.

“Perhaps,” Moira said, “I’ll bring you to Charles,” she added, and they set off across the courtyard.

They found Lord Charles in his solar. He was in a chair near the window, the book on his lap neglected as he was deep in conversation with the blonde maiden sitting next to him.

“Charles,” Moira said, “the new Maester is here.” She gestured at Hank, who raised a hand awkwardly in greeting. “This is Lord Charles, and his ward Raven,” she said to him.
“It is an honour to serve you, my lord.”

“Oh, call me Charles,” his new lord said. “I hate all this ‘my lord’, ‘my lady’ stuff. You can call me Charles, and I’ll call you… what was your name?”

“Hank,” he said.

“…and I’ll call you Hank.”

“This is most irregular… but I suppose it would be acceptable.”

“Good,” Charles said. “Now, did you bring any news with you? We are only a small House, and unfortunately I have not been able to spend much time in King’s Landing lately,” he said, gesturing at his legs. “What news do you bring of the new king?”

Hank found himself staring. “Lord… Lord Stark is dead. Executed as a traitor. They say he was plotting against King Joffrey.”

Raven gasped, and Hank glanced at her, but forced himself to look back at Charles. “There are rumours that Robb Stark is raising an army to march south.”

Charles nodded. “I have heard such rumours. I have also heard rumours that King Robert’s brothers intend to claim the throne. There is going to be war… unless we can do something to stop it.”

Hank blinked. “…stop it? You can’t mean…”

“War is never the only option. I’ll need your help with the ravens, of course. If war comes to the Seven Kingdoms… many will suffer. Innocent lives will be lost. I will do my best to prevent that.”

“Of course. I will assist you.”

“Good. I have some messages to send… but you need to settle in, of course… Raven, could you take the Maester to his chamber, then get him something to eat?”

“I would be glad to,” the maiden said, smiling at Hank in a way that made him very uncomfortable.

Raven led him out of the solar and towards his chamber. As they walked she said, “You look very young to be a maester.”

“In… in the Citadel they said I was the youngest to become a full maester for a hundred years.”

“You must be very clever.”

“I… I wouldn’t… want to brag…”

Raven smiled. “Relax. Charles likes you. I think you’ll fit in well here.”


Emma leant back against the cushions on her chair, sipped Dornish wine, and listened carefully to Sebastian Shaw giving instructions to his man Janos, who was taciturn and vicious and above all, loyal. Janos left, and Shaw turned to her.

“You know,” she said, “I could find him for you.”

“I know, Lady Frost,” he said with a smile. Emma always found his smiles a little discomfiting, they were too predatory. “But appearances are important as well. When I present him to Joffrey, I’ll be asked where this miracle came from. I can hardly tell the Iron Throne about you, can I?”

“I don’t see why you have to do it this way. If you do find Ser Erik, why give him to Joffrey? Why not take the throne for yourself?”

“Patience, my dear. But seeing as you mentioned it… where is our lonely knight?”

Emma sighed, and closed her eyes. “The Whispering Wood,” she said after a time.

“So he has taken up with outlaws, then? How quaint.”

“I think he’s alone. He’s thinking of you, though.”


Erik was sitting on a log in the shade of a great tree, trying to decide which way he should go. A crossroads lay before him, and he didn’t know what to do. He’d heard the rumours of war and treachery, and he knew that with his.. gift.. he would be highly sought after. He knew one person in particular who would want to find him. Shaw, he thought with a grimace. One day he would be revenged on that man, the great lord who had made him a monster, an outcast.

He was deep in thought when he heard hoofbeats behind him. A few moments later he heard a voice call out. And soon there was a young man dismounting and walking over to him.

“Who are you?” Erik said.

“My name is Alex Summers. Ser Alex, sorry. I’m a ward of Lord Charles Xavier. Are you Erik Lehnsherr? If you are, he has a proposition for you.”

Ser?” Erik said. Alex Summers looked scarcely more than a boy.

“I was knighted last month.” The boy looked embarrassed.

“Oh, I see. Well, I am Erik Lehnsherr. What’s this proposition?”

“Lord Charles is cautious. He sent me to find you and bring you to him.”

“Why should I trust you? Or your lord, for that matter?”

Alex shrugged. “I’ve heard the stories about you. We should be afraid of you, not the other way around.”
“I’m not afraid. If you are, why did you come looking for me?”

“Lord Charles. He’s persuasive.”

Erik nodded thoughtfully. “Xavier, did you say? It’s not one of the greater houses, is it?”

“Lord Charles doesn’t let that concern him.”

“I don’t trust you. But you and your lord have my interest. How far is it to his hall?”

“Two days’ ride.”

“Then I will go there. One week from now. You should get back there and let him know.”


In true GoT style, I have a short character list for this 'verse:

HOUSE XAVIER, an ancient and proud house of the riverlands.
- CHARLES XAVIER, the young lord of the house. Crippled after a tragic riding accident.
- LADY MOIRA, Charles’ cousin, who manages his household
- RAVEN DARKHOLME, a maid of mysterious origin. Ward of Lord Charles.
- SER ALEX SUMMERS, a young knight. Ward of Lord Charles.
- SEAN CASSIDY, squire. Ward of Lord Charles.
- MAESTER HANK (born Henry McCoy), the new Maester of the house.
- ARMANDO MUNOZ, a native of the Summer Isles.

SER ERIK LEHNSHERR, a roving knight, a loner.

- SEBASTIAN SHAW, lord of the house. Currently residing in King’s Landing with his household.
- LADY EMMA of House Frost, last scion of an extinct family, a guest of the house.
- ANGEL SALVADORE, a young woman of Braavos, mistress of Lord Shaw.
- JANOS QUESTED, an agent of Lord Shaw.
- ‘AZAZEL’, true name unknown, an agent of Lord Shaw.
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